2016 Mercedes E-350 – Here are some driver-friendly features to look out for

2016 Mercedes E-350 – Here are some driver-friendly features to look out for

While Mercedes has always been noted for its state-of-art midsize luxury brand cars, the 2016 Mercedes E-350 does not fail to impress any buyer due t its integrated performance and technologically-advanced infotainment system. Being a car built for not just luxury, but also speed, the E-350 performs well on any type of road with high stability and without any performance lags in terms of acceleration or vibrations. The speed will never be felt even at top speeds due to the different driver modes customized into the car’s system. Another contributor for the first-class driving experience could be attributed to the upscale opulent interiors that have not just enough leg-room with its futuristic styling but also provides the feeling of grandeur with the use of luxurious accessories.

While a not-so tech savvy person would be put off by the amount of technology integrated into the infotainment system, with just a few uses the same system could become an integral part of an refined driving experience. The interior of the car is fitted with real wood and metal trim panels to give the exquisite feel of a cockpit, and the large, high-resolution, 8.3-inch infotainment display featuring the Mercedes COMAND is fitted into the center stack. The system has both physical buttons and touch pad options, and for the easy access of the driver in order to have undistracted driving there are buttons mounted and configured on the steering wheel through which the driver can use all the features of the infotainment system. In addition, the infotainment system is routed for smart phone compatibility along with options for voice command.

In addition to the technologically advanced infotainment system, the driving assistance or the pilot mode featured in the E-350 is a testimony to the integration of intelligent technology. Although there are certain limitations on the use of this auto drive mode, the sheer experience of being able to do it in certain open roads or when having steady driving ahead is a great feature to showcase around. One more merit to add on the technological advancement features in the 2016 Mercedes E-350 is the successful implantation of the safety sensors into the car’s driving system to ensure higher road safety on daily basis. The active safety features installed into the E-350 include active brake assist, attention assist, crosswind assist, rear cross traffic alert, evasive steering assist, active lane-change assist, active lane keeping assist and active blind spot assist.

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