3 great SUV deals to get this summer

3 great SUV deals to get this summer

Come summer, and several SUV dealers roll out great incentives, attractive offers, and best SUV deals on many models. While this is done to make space for the upcoming models that are to arrive in fall, many customers looking for budget-friendly deals often benefit from these truly competitive strategies. If you are someone who has long been harboring dreams to buy your own SUV, now is the time to make your wish a reality. Here’s a list of the best SUV deals that you can find if you are looking for a budget-friendly offer.

Toyota RAV4
This is one of the most dynamic, and reliable compact SUV cars that is known for its advanced safety features like pre-collision braking, and adaptive cruise control. The SUV is one of the bestselling compact cars, and is known for its well-balanced ride and several other attractive, and efficient features. You can avail sundry best SUV deals on Toyota RAV4 in the form of financing, cash back, and leasing deals available in your area. Some of the popular lease deals offer the SUV at $179 per month for 36 months with $2,999 due at signing on RAV4. The car is also available along with two 0% financing options for 36-72 months, depending on your location.

Nissan Rogue
This is another amazing sport inspired SUV that not only looks good inside out, but also performs brilliantly. Nissan offers one of the best SUV deals in the form of 0% financing for six months and a $1250 cash back. Nissan Rogue also offers several lease deals on select models. One of its most popular lease deal includes a payment of $199 per month for 36 months with $3,199 due at signing on Rogue S FWD. Most of these offers are valid for a limited time.

GMC Terrain
This compact SUV is known for its classy interiors, comfortable and spacious seats, and customizable add on features. The 5-seater SUV has a horsepower that ranges between 182-301. Due to a decline in sales earlier this year, and the launch of the 2018 model, many GMC dealers may negotiate beyond the sticker price. When it comes to finance deals, GMC Terrain offers a zero percent financing option for a period of 72 months with a bonus cashback of nearly $750. You can also avail another deal on lease by paying a monthly sum of $199 for two years along with a due deposit of $4,629.

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