4 performance tires that need to be at the top of your buying list

4 performance tires that need to be at the top of your buying list

A performance tire is different from your regular tires, they are the ones that give the fast cars their much-needed grip and control. Choosing a performance tire can be challenging as there are not many options in the models that the brands offer. However, there are some tires that have made it to the top of the pile for performance tires with regards to their excellent performance. Michelin and Pirelli are two brands that have lead the market by great performance. Here are some of the best performance tires that are seen on sports cars.

Pirelli P Zero Corsa System (McLaren 675LT)
The Corsa System is marketed by the brand as a mixed street/performance tire. This makes it the perfect choice for almost all the sports cars made by McLaren. However, the performance tires by Pirelli are not just limited to the McLaren cars, they can fit the bill for most sports cars in the market today. These performance tires might give you the best dry grip in the market, but they will not work well on the wet roads and will also reduce the mileage of the car.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport (Ferrari 488 GTB)
The Pilot Sport and the Pilot Super Sport tires by Michelin have been rated as one of the best performance tires in the current market. They are also used in a significant number of sports cars and supercars as well as the Ferrari 488. The Pilot Super Sport might be your best choice for tires that provide dry as well as wet grip. The tire will give you an excellent dry grip and an average grip when the roads are slightly wet.

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT (Subaru WRX STI)
This model of the Dunlop tires is significantly grippier than the other ones by the brand. The tires are the cheapest ones mentioned thus far in the article but have surprisingly provided an excellent grip on the sports cars. When it comes to the performance tires section, the brand falls in the mid-section, but this particular model has proven to provide superior grip, especially on an all-wheel drive.

Bridgestone Potenza S000 (BMW 435i)
The reason why these tires are a part of this list is because of their superior wet as well as dry grip. They came in as a replacement to the Potenza RE050A, which has been on most of the BMW, Volkswagen and other German cars. One of the predecessor variants of this tire was fitted on the Ferrari Enzo. Bridgestone might have lost its command over the run-flat tires, but they are still one of the best manufacturers for performance tires.

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