5 features found in the worst cars

5 features found in the worst cars

Not every feature of every car which comes into the market is useful. Several automobiles have introduced features with limited utility or bad design. Listed below are some flaws and negative characteristics which make certain vehicles the worst car that you can buy.

  • Space-saving spare tires: These space-saving “mini-spares” or “donuts” were supposed to save a few pounds of weight and a bit of space. Another reason was that they helped manufacturers cut costs. When a tire bursts or leaks air, drivers are supposed to change to this donut tire. However, they can only drive at reduced speeds for 50 miles with such tires. “Donuts” in today’s cars can mess with the wheel speed sensors. Moreover, car owners have no choice but to spend money on replacing the flat tire which will take time and money.
  • Hood ornaments: Hood ornaments might look “cool” and lend an appearance of exclusivity, but they’re not so appealing when they injure a pedestrian. While hood ornaments are attached to the vehicle with flexible wire cables, they are quite unnecessary and dangerous. Moreover, it costs an arm and a leg to replace it if stolen.
  • Gas tank’s location: Most pre-1973 pickup trucks had gas tanks behind the driver’s seat inside the passenger cab, making it one of the worst design innovation ideas ever. In fact, a reputed American carmaker suffered bad press for placing the truck’s gas tank outside the frame rail, in a position that is now well-known.
  • Automatic seat belts: This design idea takes the cake. The objective was to get people to wear seatbelts without any extra effort. The belts were mounted on the door, by the windshield. A motor whirred the belt into place. Many people would be hit by these belts while getting into the car. Moreover, they would still have to fasten their lap’s belt. So, vehicles that still have this feature would probably be on the list of the worst cars to buy.
  • Sunroof/Moonroof: This is the “least-used, most ordered” feature. Not only does it add weight to a vehicle, but it also leaks sometimes. It often breaks down (most of the times when it’s open), decreases safety, and reduces headroom. Vandals and thieves can also break into the car easily by breaking the sunroof.
  • Low-back seats: Low-back seats were popular from the mid-1960s and earlier. They did not have raised seatbacks or headrests, making it very uncomfortable for the driver. Additionally, this feature was responsible for many minor rear-end collisions. So, if you’re looking at classic cars, make sure that they don’t have low-back seats.

If you want to avoid buying the worst cars in the market, make sure that they don’t have any of these features.

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