5 popular heavy-duty truck manufacturers

5 popular heavy-duty truck manufacturers

Heavy-duty dump trucks can move oversized stuff, haul large objects, and are used in mining operations as well. They are bigger and heavier than medium-sized trucks. They can weigh anywhere between 26,001 to over 33,000 pounds.

A heavy-duty dump truck also comes in medium sizes. Some examples are garbage trucks, mobile cranes, cement mixers, log carriers, tractor units, refrigerator trucks or tank trucks. Large vehicles like the ballast tractor, heavy hauler, haul truck, and dump truck require special permits.

If your fleet of trucks requires a replacement, you can choose from a full range of heavy-duty trucks. You can look at new as well as used models of heavy-duty dump trucks for sale. Many companies manufacture and sell such trucks.

If you’re looking for used heavy-duty dump trucks for sale, here are the top brands that you can choose from:

  • Freightliner: This brand sells over 1,90,000 trucks annually. It makes up around 40 percent of the market share. It is the largest truck manufacturer. Established in 1942, it is a division of Daimler that owns and manufactures Mercedes-Benz models. It also introduced an aerodynamical style and cutting-edge technology in its latest generation of trucks. Its 2007 model is the most popular choice that buyers prefer while looking for used heavy-duty dump trucks for sale.
  • Kenworth: This is the biggest and most popular brand of truck makers. They are very reliable, convenient and have highly affordable prices. It has a perfect fleet of trucks, though it is known for its heavy and medium duty trucks. PACCAR is the parent company for both Peterbilt and Kenworth, and its annual revenue is around $19.1 billion. Kenworth’s W900 is a classic truck with a long nose, hood and an engine capacity of over 600 horsepower. This truck is the best pick when it comes to used heavy-duty dump trucks for sale. Their range of trucks includes models with manual as well as automatic transmissions. Their horsepower ranges from 380 to 500. Other features include smart multifunctional wheel buttons, Kenworth Nav+ integrated display, GPS, advanced seat suspension for maximum comfort, etc.
  • Peterbilt: This is one of the most iconic brands in the country. Peterbilt apparel, specifically hats, can be found at retail shops, truck stops and online retailers. Peterbilt has a 13 percent market share of the truck manufacturing industry and is loved the most truck owners.
  • Navistar International: This company has been manufacturing trucks since 1902. Navistar Defense produces military tactical vehicles and holds 11 percent of the market share in the trucking industry.
  • Volvo Trucks: It has 10 percent of the market share when it comes to heavy-duty trucks. It is owned by a Swedish manufacturer who also owns Mack Trucks. Volvo holds the second position as a heavy-duty truck producer in the world.
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