A brief overview of pallet trucks

A brief overview of pallet trucks

A pallet truck is a basic prototype forklift used to shift light or heavy pallets inside a warehouse and lift them to a certain short distance. They help in organizing pallets in a trailer if there is not enough accessibility for a forklift truck. A jack is steered and works as a lever and then acts like a handle for lifting the jack. The pallet is lifted to take things off the floor and be on little travel. There are two types of pallet trucks.

  • Manual pallet truck
    This has a lever that is powered by hand. They are found in personal and retail warehouses.
  • Powered pallet truck
    This electric pallet truck has single- and double-pallet jacks. They are motorized and help in the lifting of heavier pallets. This jack is usually moved around using a throttle that is on its handle. The pallet truck moves forward and backward, and it can be steered by swinging its handle. Other systems have a switch instead of a brake for stopping the pallet truck.

One does not need a license to operate a pallet truck. The only skill required is training by the employer. However, one should know the specifications of the manual pallet truck. A standard pallet truck weighs around 2.5 tons and the load it can take is up to 5000 pounds, with a minimum height of 3 inches from the ground. Operational limitations of pallet truck include irreversible pallet trucks, front wheels stretching on to the floor, and they not having deck boards. They are double faced and enable two-way entrances to a 4-way string pallet truck. Forks cannot be put in the pallet truck notches. They have a good design of a workplace and the pallet truck can ease the risks of injury.

While selecting the ideal pallet truck, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Expected load to carry and arrange
  • Frequency of usage
  • Type of flooring in the workspace
  • Distance covered on a daily basis

There is a ratio of weight handling to the weight of the machine to be used. General recommendations to the numerical standards on the acceptable load and when you use a pallet truck are as follows:

  • The three- and four-wheel pallet trucks should not exceed more than 200 kg.
  • The load on each wheel should not go for more than 700 kg.
  • Manual pallet trucks should not be used more than 300 times a day.
  • The distance covered should be 30 to 35 meters per shipment.
  • Use powered pallet trucks for heavier loads and covering a longer distance.
  • Pushing and pulling the pallet truck under, non-conformal conditions can lower the safety of your machine.
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