A brief overview of the new Camaro

A brief overview of the new Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro not only drives and handles well but also features a new revamped engine. The Camaro is one of the popular makes when it comes to muscle cars by Chevrolet and the new Camaro convertibles series boast variants that are neutral and well-composed two-door coupes.

One of the most important features in a convertible is the sliding rooftop. While most convertible cars are not necessarily aerodynamic with the roof down, all variants of the new Camaro convertibles drive well with the top down. You can also trigger the automatic mechanism at low speeds of less than 30mph.

Aerodynamics is among one of the things in the chassis modifications that is featured in the New Camaro convertibles. After its launch early in 2016, the convertible has undergone many changes and modifications to its engine specifications also. The muscle car packs a powerhouse of a turbocharged and inter-cooled engine. All variants of the new Camaro convertibles feature V6 and V8 engines.

All that power and torque generated is transferred to the rear wheel with a 6-speed manual transmission option making it a standard installment in the car. You can also opt for the 8-speed automatic paddle shift transmission with a lower fuel economy in comparison to the manual transmission.

Modular reinforcements have been made to the chassis to provide a safe and smooth drive. The hood features a more efficient air extractor to further smoothen the ride by reducing drag resistance on the front grill and increasing the intake for the engine.

Popular trim variants of the new Camaro convertible include the 1LS, 1LT, 2LT, 1SS, 2SS, and ZL1 all featuring a rear-wheel drive option. Most base variants have an average fuel economy of around 23mpg and 25mpg. The mileage will vary depending on the transmission type installed in the vehicle.

As far as the interior is concerned, the convertible option offers limited space when it comes to legroom and shoulder room for the passengers in the back. The convertible option also reduces the boot space with a smaller trunk that may otherwise look spacious from the outside.

The 1LS and 1LT are available for a base price of $32,900 and $33,695 approximately while the 2LT is a slightly higher price variant of around $36,695. The 1SS and 2SS can be bought for a price of $43,995 and $48,995 approximately. However, the most expensive variant among new Camaro convertibles is the ZL1 that is priced at around $68,495.

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