A checklist for buying used dump trucks

A checklist for buying used dump trucks

Used dump trucks are quite expensive unless you can find a way to finance it. The lower range of these vehicles is usually around $15,000. However, such dump trucks are at least 20 years old. On the other hand, if you are looking for a newer, high-end used dump truck, which is at least five years old, then the cost will be around $100,000.

Some of the best used dump truck models are the 1998 Ford L8501 Dump truck, 1996 Chevrolet Kodiak C7500, 1999 Volvo Wg42, 1993 GMC TopKick 7000, 1992 Ford La9000, 2003 Peterbilt 330 Cab & Chassis, 2007 International 4400 Beverage Truck, etc.

Dump trucks are useful as well as versatile and can make a huge difference to one’s fleet. If one buys a good used dump truck, then they can be sure that they will get several years of service from this vehicle.

While buying a used dump truck, you need to make a smart decision and protect your investment. So, carefully check this truck before making a purchase. The most important aspects that one needs to check before purchasing the vehicle are:

Road hours
Usually, dump trucks undergo extensive use. Some of them go for short or long runs, while others move around in single dig sites. Do not check the vehicle’s mileage to get an idea about its usage. Instead, you need to look at the hours’ meter, and if it shows over 10,000 hours, then some components may show wear and tear. Such used dump trucks may require replacement parts.

Lift cylinders
If the used dump truck has damaged lift cylinders, then it is of no use as it cannot dump anything effectively. Lift cylinders use a hydraulic system and can take a beating based on how roughly these have been used. Watch out for fluid leaks as well. Make sure that it can lower and lift things without stuttering.

The condition of the tires
Check the tires’ condition as they tell you how the previous owners have treated the used dump truck. If they are completely worn out, then there may be other issues with the vehicle as well.

Maintenance under the hood
Checking under the used truck’s hood is the most vital aspect to consider before making a purchase. You should inspect the oil, air filter, and belts as well as easily replaceable parts. Look at the fluid levels of the truck and see if they are topped up, bone dry or are leaking. Poor maintenance is a bad sign. Ask for a service record as well.

Interiors of the cab
Check the interiors of the vehicle. Ensure that the dials, signals, gauges, lights, and accessories are in working conditions. Also, check if the used dump truck’s steering wheel is firm. If there is a suspension, alignment or any other issue, it indicates poor treatment.

There are five types of dump trucks, namely, standard dump truck, off-road dump truck, trailer dump truck, transfer dump truck, and side dump truck. Make sure that you choose the right kind of truck that will enhance the value of your truck fleet. This multipurpose vehicle sees many years of service in different roles which makes it a versatile investment.

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