A quick guide to buy used motorcycle trikes

A quick guide to buy used motorcycle trikes

Trike bikes are an alternative mode of motorcycling experience. Some buy brand new trike if they wish to have it for a long run and some prefer to buy used trikes for cheaper cost so they can exchange and get another buy in trend after some time. It totally depends on every individual. There is no harm is buying used trike unless you make sure it has been serviced well for its next use. Here are some tips to have a check on while buying used trikes.

High Built Quality: Don’t fall for cheaper price that could steal your eyes and make decision easier for you. Whether you are buying a bike or trike you can always differentiate between a quality built vehicle and one whose assembly is reconsideration. Take bikes with consistent assembly like craftsmanship, well set parts, first rate material, good attention to detail because when you take a used trike you want all this mandatory and most of all buy the product directly form authorized motor trike dealers.

Don’t Let the dealer crank the bike: The weak lines of the vehicle will be easily seen when you crank the bike. So, insist your dealer not to crank it until you get there and see the whole scene with your eyes. A warm engine is easy to start and does not seem to show up any faults and can hide many tuning issues. A cold engine can show any weak lines in the chain.

Research on Parts: A proper check on brake pads/shoes, clutch, throttle cable, intake tubes, carb rebuilt kits, petcock rebuilt kits and tires are a must. If you find the parts to be weary get it replaced with the new parts. Once is all set then you need not worry till you give your bike for first service else it is going to be a hard ride for you by spending more money in bits and pieces.

Properly Trained Installers with Triking Experience: Every bike will need a mechanical attention sooner or later the later it gets the best the installation services and the condition of the bike. A reliable warranty process will certainly help with meeting good maintenance. Reputable dealers will have all trained technicians who understands your product and what standards an installation must meet and follow through customer satisfaction.

Ride Control at Your Finger Tips: Every Trike gives you a different riding position and experience. It’s not going to be the same with all the bikes. Different handling abilities are needed when riding alone as opposed when riding with a passenger, hauling a trailer, or with added trunk cargo. Choose the trike which gives you the best riding position and comfort that gives you control to maneuver safely in all situations.

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