A quick look at roadside breakdown cover

A quick look at roadside breakdown cover

Car breakdowns are unpredictable and it suddenly makes you feel lost. You may or may not have have given your car for service recently, but if you’ve taken up a spontaneous decision for long drive with your family, friends or alone, the being stuck with a broken-down car is not exactly what you want. What may be worst is that you may not realize what the issue with your vehicle is. This is when roadside assistance is needed.

What Is Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance comes in handy when your vehicle breaks down on road or at any place. If your car suffers from a flat tire, is out of fuel, or if you find the battery drained or the car is suddenly immobilized, you need an assistance then and there to set it right. Earlier vehicle owners were often capable of carrying out minor spare parts or repair equipment when they travel. But as automobiles became more complicated, self-service often doesn’t go out as planned and just doesn’t cut it. So some local automobile companies started auto-mobile services for their members. Whenever your vehicle is broken down you can make a call to these people who would come to assist you. Roadside assistance offers a host of benefits to its policy holder like, towing service, battery jump start, spare key arrangement, alternate battery, phone assistance, alternate transport, emergency fuel and minor repairs.

What Is Breakdown Cover
When you buy a car, you become a member of the company and take a policy for your car’s unexpected break downs in future. Initially they provide free service for the first few repairs and charge you for the ones after. One could even take policy from smaller companies. Their policy covers the cost of repair or rescue when your car turns out to stop unexpectedly.

There are three main coverages available – AA breakdown cover, the RAC breakdown cover and the Green Flag. Each sends out a patrol vehicle to the spot to investigate any faults with your vehicle with the aim of repairing the problem. There are two options for the cover, personal covers the person involved in the breakdown too. The vehicle cover is only for covering damages to the vehicle.

Levels of Service Available
There are different types of services available for breakdown covers. Usually, you tend to get what you pay for. A cheaper policy covers the very basic problems and the expensive policy covers would be more comprehensive. There are five features a breakdown cover can have most commonly – roadside recovery, vehicle recovery, home assistance, onward travel and national assistance.

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