All you need to know about used Lincoln cars

All you need to know about used Lincoln cars

If you are shopping for a used car, think about purchasing a luxury car instead of a trendy, non-luxury one. Today, you can get a luxury car at the same price as a non-luxury one. If you want to purchase such a vehicle, then you need to check out the used car lots. These lots sell performance cars, classic cars, and luxury cars.

Henry Leland established the Lincoln Motor Company in 1917. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President, was the inspiration for this name. However, in 1922 Ford Motor Company took over Lincoln. This brand quickly established its name in the personal luxury car segment. Today, it sells sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and limousines.

For over a century, Lincoln has competed with Cadillac for the tag of the number one luxury brand in the country. Until recently, the Lincoln limousine was the official state car for US Presidents.

If you’re thinking of buying a used luxury car, you don’t need to think beyond Lincoln. Here is some information about some of the best Lincoln cars available for sale today.

Many times, a luxury car costs lesser than a standard car. One of these vehicles is the Lincoln MKT. Its price is close to that of the Lexus LX 570, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Acura MDX. The classy 2011 Lincoln MKT has a starting price of nearly $44,200, and today, a used model would have a price tag of $15,700 approximately.

The 2013 Lincoln Navigator had many standard features including a power liftgate, folding running boards, adjustable pedals, and power-folding third-row bench among others. This car from Lincoln provides a luxurious ride to its users. At this launch, this car cost roughly $57,000, and today, a used Lincoln Navigator is available for $31,000 approximately.

In 1940, Lincoln launched the Continental. The Continental is Lincoln’s flagship sedan, and it remains a raging hit in the country. The price of a used classic Lincoln Continental Sedan 2002 starts at around $4,000, while a used 2017 Lincoln Continental car costs $36,500 approximately. The luxurious Continental has carried several American Presidents and is famed for its spare tire mounted on the back. A recent setback in sales has made Lincoln adopt a sleeker letter-based naming system for all models including the sedan, which is now officially known as the MKS sedan. The used MKS Lincoln car is now a favorite among the retired folks in the country. It is similar to a town car and is quite popular with businesses as well as well-to-do families in the country.

In 2010, the Lincoln MKS’ price was around $16,800, which was more than 2010 Ford Taurus. However, shoppers got leather interiors, Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats, parking sensors, etc. A used Lincoln MKS car in 2010 came with a price tag of $42,000 approximately, and today, it is priced at around $13,000.

These prices are general and do not take into account any particular trim level, miles, and the local market. The cost may vary depending on the additional features provided. Before buying a used Lincoln Continental car, do consider the high fuel requirements, insurance cost, and maintenance costs.

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