An overview of concessional auto maintenance

An overview of concessional auto maintenance

As technology advanced, there were lots of studies conducted on breakdowns of vehicles. Breakdowns cost money in two ways: the direct cost of repair and the losses due to non-availability of the vehicle for normal use. It was seen most breakdowns were due to parts being in use even after their life expectancy had expired. Another cause was due to cumulative want of attention like battery terminal corrosion and radiator corrosion.

From these insights rose the concepts of preventive maintenance and regular servicing. Replacement of items like the air filter, oil filter and the like got coupled with routine service. The incidences of breakdowns have drastically reduced and the rare occurrence is due to premature failure of components. With improved testing of components and strict quality control enforcement, these rare occurrences have become even rarer.

Firestone offers routine service and preventive maintenance at their Firestone Complete Auto Care centers. These centers provide discount coupons for services which combine many checks and replacements which are not within the range of routine service. When one is buying new Firestone, Bridgestone, and other leading brand tires, they offer various coupons that offer some essential services like checking of fluids and free wheel balancing. Many of these concessions are of limited validity while some are on offer all the time. The company has a website where one can check for the prevailing concessions. Firestone credit cards offer rebates as well.

Goodyear, like Firestone, has leveraged their tire outlets to set up networks of auto service providers. The company offers various concessions on routine maintenances like oil change, and battery and fluid checks. Besides tire services, the company offers auto maintenance services. All of these have concession coupons that are of varying amounts for limited periods. There is always one coupon system or another activity. The details can be found on the company website. The company has a credit card that also entitles the owner to many concessions.

Groupon is a company engaged in popularizing the system of coupons for concessions in sales and services. The company has popularized the coupon system in auto maintenance and services. Coupons are available for auto repair and maintenances like oil change, tire and wheel services, AV and Security Installation, roadside assistance, auto cleaning and the like. The company has managed convinced the merchants and the community that building the coupon system for concessions is a win-win for both.

Drivers Auto Repair is a full auto repair center. The company gives a warranty for five years or 50,000 miles for work done. The company offers a rebate of around $25 dollars for any repair or maintenance services of around $100 dollars or more and around $50 dollars off any repair or maintenance service of above around $250 dollars or more. As a rule, all concessions are stand-alone and cannot be combined with any other offer.

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