An overview of the tire business

An overview of the tire business

Discount Tire Direct has been in the tire business for 25 years and has built relations with all the leading tire and wheel manufacturers. The company prides in their quality customer care, the wide choice of tire deals for all vehicles and wheels at the lowest prices. Strategically located shipping centers ensure same day shipment of items present in inventory at the least cost. Tire and wheel services like heat cycling, computer ride match system of balancing, winter studding, and supplying wheel fitment kits to ensure the right fitment of tires on certificates are open for refund and replacements. There are various promotional coupons and other deals on tires.

Online Tires started out with a single small retail outlet in 1991, based in Santa Fe Springs and grew into an internet outlet by 1998. Online Tires is dedicated to the highest level of online customer care by integrating both tire and wheel into a single huge inventory, including special service tires besides the common types of all well-known makes. Highly qualified and experienced experts are on hand to give expert advice to customers. All of this comes at affordable prices. There are various packages and other promotional offers that can be availed as well.

TireBuyer has been in the tire business for nine years. However, being a part of the American Tire Distributors, it has more than 80 years of experience in the tire business to put to good use. There is an inventory of around four million tires and wheels and a matching expertise in all matters that pertain to tire deals. With a warehouse in every state and 800 delivery trucks, the company often delivers on the same day or the next. Experts render help to customers with advice on all tire matters. The customers can select a local shop to have their orders delivered to and tires fitted by qualified and experienced technicians ensuring correct fitment. Concessions and promotional coupons are plenty.

Besides the concessions and promotional coupons, all tire companies offer great seasonal and festival deals. In addition to the direct reduction in price, they offer various free services to boost sales. These sales are for a limited period and are a sort of stock clearance sale.

Tire manufacturers have their own internet outlets and they offer prepaid credit cards with concessions for buyers using them. All these companies are tied up with local service stations who also sell tires. These outlets also offer free services like oil change, fluid topping up, wheel balancing among others tied to tire sales. These offers vary from dealer to dealer. The saving in tire purchase can be as high as $160 dollars during these festive sales. Tire companies have a network of tire service providers with experienced and trained staff. The buyer can select a service station and the purchase is shipped and fitted at these centers free.

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