Benefits of Honda’s certified pre-owned program

Benefits of Honda’s certified pre-owned program

Used Honda vehicles are in demand. There will be many Honda used car dealers who will sell used cars including the Accord, Ridgeline, Fit, Pilot, Odyssey, Insight, and CR-V. They can be certified pre-owned cars that have undergone tough inspections inside out, and they were certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

You can browse for used Honda cars online at various dealers near you. You need to check out photos, videos, features, mileage, trim options, etc. Buying a used car is risky as until you get it inspected, you do not know how the last owner treated the car accidents, repairs, and services, etc. A certified pre-owned vehicle is better than a used car.

A used Honda car with a certified pre-owned tag has an original powertrain warranty, and many dealers add a year or 12,000 miles to the original basic warranty. The certified pre-owned tag can make the car expensive to buy. Only the cream of the crop is selected while buying a certified pre-owned Honda car.

At most new Honda car dealers, you will find certified pre-owned vehicles, which are a big business as buyers want used vehicles that give you peace of mind. Certified pre-owned means that the car has passed an inspection of over 150 items that qualify for the certified pre-owned program. Dealers file paperwork with the manufacturer.

Every major manufacturer is offering certified pre-owned vehicles; over 20 percent of the used cars sold by new-car dealers are certified pre-owned vehicles. Some dealer groups and individuals offer their own certified pre-owned programs, but it is different from the programs backed by vehicle manufacturers.

Used Honda cars are less expensive than certified pre-owned cars by over many hundred dollars. This is because these cars are regarded as the best cars. These cars are reconditioned and are backed by the warranty of the manufacturer with additional benefits which usually just used cars do not provide.

What you get in a used Honda car with a certified pre-owned that looks, smells and feels new and is priced at a lower price? No used vehicle that is six years old can be certified and it has to have just less than 80,000 miles. The certified pre-owned program extends the original warranty and also provides roadside assistance and vehicle history.

The used Honda certified pre-owned vehicles are also available at low-interest finance, which the consumers will not get on used cars. Honda manufacturers offer the most popular programs in CPO.

While Honda certified pre-owned cars give consumers peace of mind, but buyers have to pay a price. They pay from 2 to 8 percent of the original used-car price. The higher-end car model or brand, the higher is the percentage. There is no data available stating that a certified pre-owned car is better than a used car, but the certificate suggests a better road-worthy car.

Do not rely too much on the certificate and also the inspection checklist. It is an indicator of its condition today, but not what it will be tomorrow. A certified pre-owned has an advantage of giving a higher resale value to the car.

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