Best muscle cars in the market today

Best muscle cars in the market today

A muscle car is a type of vehicle which has a powerful engine and two doors. They are normally fitted with V8 engines and feature a rear wheel drive. They are compact family style versions that are perfect for both four-person families. Muscle cars are amazing for the occasional racing and highway use. They are also different from two seated sports car and the other expensive 2+2 GTs that are meant for high speed touring and road racing. What’s more, they are all sold at affordable prices.

Today’s muscle cars comprise a combination of cutting-edge technology and performance engineering, with work of decades behind it. It’s also better to pick up used muscle cars for a better deal. What’s more, used muscle cars sale prices are affordable. However, modern-day muscle cars sale can be confusing with so many choices available to the current generation user. If you are confused about which one to pick, then no matter what, research enough and then give yourself some sweet time to decide.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
This muscle car for sale has two versions: coupe and convertible. Its V8 engine delivers 650 horsepower and has a 6.2-liter capacity. The car is a 6-speed manual machine and a 10-speed automatic slip differential speed machine with 11-inch-wide rear wheels and tires. They also have an 8-inch infotainment section with a 1-year warranty and this has been redesigned for 2017. The car also has a whole lot of extra features including extreme aerodynamics, wider track ready tires, and amazing terrain cooling system for racing style rides. The 2017 version is available for around $54,998.

Dodge Challenger SRT
The Dodge Challenger SRT is a high-powered muscle car for sale with a 485-horsepower V8 engine. Its adaptive suspension and brakes are excellent, and the car itself has a distinctive appearance with wider wheels and tires. This used muscle car for sale has also been checked for performance on racing and stressed terrains before it has been listed as a used muscle car for sale. The 2015 version has been remodeled for its brake calipers that have been painted with matte paint finish. The colors include black, orange, and gunmetal stripes.

Ford Mustang Shelby
The Ford Mustang Shelby has an exhilarating exterior and great track-racing ability. The used 2016 model of the Ford Mustang Shelby costs roughly $51,000 and features in colors such as Avalanche Gray and Grabber Blue. The 2018 model doesn’t come with many changes but is still going strong.

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