Buying a used ATVs? Consider this

Buying a used ATVs? Consider this

ATV or an All-terrain Vehicle is specially designed for off-road trailing. Buying a used ATV can be a tedious task as there are a plethora of brands that manufacture ATVs of varied sizes and purposes. Here are a couple of pointers that will help you avoid pitfalls and narrow down your selection on buying the best-used ATVs for sale out there.

  • Look for rust and cracked welds
    When buying used ATVs, the first thing you need to check is the outer condition of the vehicle. Rust is a strong indication that the quad is damaged and rusted. Finding cracks in the welded frame of the ATVs requires close visual inspection.
  • Tires say a lot about the wear and tear of the ATV
    Used ATVs for sale are most vulnerable to having smooth tires with worn-out treads. Once the ATV tires develop cracks, it is dangerous to ride the vehicle. If the seller has not changed the tires, bargain and reduce the price of the resale so that you can use that money to replace a complete set of tires.
  • Inspect the shock absorbers
    The shock absorbers are of no use if you can feel wet oily spots around the top of the shock. Oil leakage dramatically reduces the machines stability and handling capability.
  • Check for engine leaks
    One of the important things to look for in used ATVs for sale is the engine leak. Wipe a clean rag around the head and valve cover gaskets of the engine. The gaskets need to be replaced if the rag shows fresh oil stains upon cleaning the area.
  • Inspect the CV joint
    A used ATV will probably have an unbalanced CV (constant velocity) joint. To examine if the ATV that is put up on sale does not have the same, grab the tire with both hands and rock it in and out to see if there is any play. The CV joint might have a worn out ball bearing. CV joints with worn out ball bearings will have a sloppy steering and unstable turns.
  • Brake pads matter equally
    Brake pads are so thin that it is difficult to make out its real thickness and differentiate if it’s worn out. The new brake pads are about 1/4th inch thick while the work out ones would be 1/16th. Check for caliper leaks and brake rotor for deep grooves.

Buying used ATVs on sale will help you save thousands of dollars over the price of buying a new one. While buying used ATVs, choose to buy ATVs manufactured by popular brands such as Yamaha, Bobcat, Kawasaki, Honda, etc.

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