Choosing the best pickup truck of 2018

Choosing the best pickup truck of 2018

A pickup truck functions more than just a regular truck. Pickup trucks, earlier, were mostly restricted for commercial uses, transporting passengers, and agricultural purposes. But later on, buyers used it as a passenger car and from then till date, pickup trucks are the future of the economy.

Major auto companies have their pickup trucks. Henry Ford introduced the pickup body of the truck, back in 1925.

Best pickup trucks of 2018
Americans are lapping up pickup trucks in a never-before-seen way. If auto sales are an indication, a pickup truck is the new lifestyle look. Pickup trucks are available in hybrid options too.

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    If your pickup truck gives you a good towing facility, nothing is better than that. Chevrolet Silverado has impressive off-road drive. With a base price of approximately $28,000, Silverado has a base V6 engine. Chevrolet Silverado comes in three different bed length options. This is one of the best pickup trucks of 2018.
  • GMC Sierra 1500
    Sierra works for three to six seaters. It is an extremely useful pickup truck, which can be used for daily traveling. It costs less compared to other full-sized pickup trucks. The interiors are far more superior and reflect the quality. 285 horsepower and V6 engine gives superb hauling and towing.
  • Ford F-150
    For the year 2018, the best pickup truck can be attributed to Ford for consistently being the leader. Two turbocharged V6 engines give superpower and improved acceleration. No other pickup truck comes close to Ford when it comes to mileage. One can expect a towing capacity of 13,200 pounds with Ford F-150 pickup truck. Of late, buyers are realizing the potential of diesel pickup trucks. For years, pickup trucks ran on gasoline as diesel was considered an expensive option. Diesel engines are great for towing or hauling as a result of excessive torque.
  • Chevrolet Colorado
    With just around $20,000 base price, Chevrolet Colorado has newly increased ground clearance and four-wheel drive with all-terrain tires. Chevy has been consistent with Teen Driver Safety standards maintained in its previous models. It offers good rear seat space and superior interiors. Colorado runs on 181 horsepower turbo diesel. This 2018 model is one of the best pickup truck.
  • Honda Ridgeline
    Ridgeline comes in the category of new small trucks or can even be termed as a compact pickup truck. Under the compact truck category, Honda Ridgeline is comparatively priced at around $30,000 on the higher side. However, the towing capacity is limited to 5,000 pounds and hauling is restricted to 1,580 pounds.

Although in 2017, the best pickup truck was bagged by Ford F-250, new models and designs have taken over in 2018. Several makers such as Ram, General Motors, and other Japanese auto giants have jumped the pickup truck bandwagon. You can check out the ruck sales for good prices on pickup trucks.

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