Four car lubricants for your vehicle

Four car lubricants for your vehicle

We use our cars nearly every day for various things. Right from school runs to trips to the grocery store, and picking up laundry, our car has been a trusty companion. It would be very difficult indeed to function without our car for even a day. It is important that we take good care of them. Just like the human body, a car too needs food (fuel), hygiene (regular cleaning), and regular check-ups (visits to the mechanic) and water or lubrication. Lack of lubrication can cause car trouble.

What is Lubrication?
Lubrication is something that keeps your car limber, just like intake of water and oil does for your bones and joints. Friction overtime, can prove to be harmful for the engine. Therefore, a good quality lubricant is essential to keep your car running in optimum condition. Lubricants help reduce friction in your car’s engine and keeps it running smoothly. Look out for oil change coupons to save big on them.

The Different Types of Lubrication
There are different types of lubricants that are used for different parts of your car. There are different qualities of lubricants too. You don’t want to settle for a cheap quality lubricant and compromise on the health of your car.

• Engine oil is a kind of a lubricant that is changed at intervals while your car is being serviced. Transmission oil and differential oil too, is changed at regular intervals. Lubrication on different parts of the car needs to be paid attention too. However, these needn’t be changed at regular intervals. Some parts that need lubrication are ball joints, tail shaft universal joints, clutch forks, pivot balls and brake caliper slides. You can get great deals on oil change by keeping an eye out for oil change coupons near you. You might save up to 90% by doing so.
• Motor Oil is the most common kind of lubricants. Replace it every 1000 miles or so for optimum health of your engine. Be sure to consult an expert and choose a motor oil suited to your vehicle. Your big saver might have lube coupons for some of the best names available.
• Grease is kind of a lubricant, that keeps all the parts- well, greased or well oiled, so that there isn’t much friction or kinks while it functions. It also prevents those annoying groaning noises your car could make or from your car parts wearing off before time. Local gas or service stations regularly offer great discounts on oil changes and offer oil change coupons for the same.
• Transmission Fluid lubricates moving parts of your transmission, keeping it cool and preventing it from corroding. Transmission fluid is usually colored so that leaks can be easily detected and fixed immediately.

Don’t skip out on regularly replacing lubrication or essential fluids of your car as cars are an important part of our life and lubes help maintain its life.

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