Handy tips on roadside emergency safety

Handy tips on roadside emergency safety

Roadside emergency is a possibility that any driver can encounter. The emergency might be due to flat tire, engine failure, overheating or could happen even due to accidents. You will have to tow your car from road to the nearest garage or if the car is not in the condition to be towed, you might have to call in a mechanic. While performing repairs by yourself or waiting to get a help you will have to follow certain steps to keep yourself safe.

  • Take immediate action:
    If you notice any trouble with your car, pull it over to the right way immediately else you may not be able to even move the car from the middle of the road causing traffic.
  • Get it off the road as possible:
    It’s better to bring your car to a place away from the road to a rest stop. Try to stop under the street light and avoid corners, People won’t be aware of the broken-down car and it will lead to unexpected crash while taking turns.
  • Warn others:
    You can use safety cones, sign boards, flares, triangles or light to make yourself visible to the people on road. You should turn on the hazard lights and even pop up the hood to show that you are on trouble.
  • Call for roadside assistance:
    If you have a roadside assistance coverage, then you need not panic you can just leave everything to them by making a call and letting them know about your situation. Remember to save their number in your mobile you may require it anytime.
  • Don’t let go your car until it’s safe:
    If you couldn’t solve the problem for yourself you might go out to look for any help. Remember your car is not safe to be left on road as it wouldn’t take even a minute for a hit. You should keep your distance from flow of traffic.
  • Carry emergency supplies:
    Keep the tool kit always in the car. Carry food, water, medicines for emergency purpose. If you could perform the repairs by yourself then it is well and good to carry a spare tire, duct tape, jumper cables, heavy duty rope and gloves.
  • Be careful with strangers:
    Be careful with the strangers who approach to offer any help. They seem helpful but might be intentional. So, it’s best to call for professional who could help.
  • Know when to call for help:
    It’s better to check what is wrong with your vehicle. If it is a simple problem that could be solved yourself then it’s a good idea to do the repair by yourself. Be smart in knowing when to call for assistance.

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