Here are the top 5 American AWD cars

Here are the top 5 American AWD cars

All-Wheel-drive vehicles are usually imagined to be the big SUV type of car capable of carrying upto 8 or nine people with luggage. Since the AWD technology can be fitted with other types of sedan cars too, many American car manufacturers have taken the job seriously and have come up with a lot of options for customers to choose from. Here we will look at five best large and luxury cars with AWD made in America recently.

Buick LaCrosse
The Buick LaCrosse has been a long running model ever since 2004. But this year, the Buick LaCrosse comes in a fully redesigned built with many pluses and very few negatives. This new car runs on a 3.6-litre V6 engine capable of generating 310 horsepower managing to yield excellent fuel efficiency for this class of cars. This roomy and elegantly built five-seater optimizes performance and comfort making it one of the best cars with all-wheel-drive.

Cadillac CT6
This year, Cadillac came up with the latest and largest luxury car, the bold CT6. The CT6 is a 5 seater which comes in two varieties, one with a V6 engine capable of 335 horsepower 3.6 liters and the 404-horsepower twin turbo 3.0 liter. The Caddy CT6 is sporty, luxurious and decked with high-end features which make it a tough competitor with the German luxury cars. This Caddy comes only in all-wheel-drive however this is a high fuel efficient car in its luxury large car category. It is worth checking it out.

Chrysler 300
The Chrysler 300 competes with many luxury large cars with its spacious high-end interior, powerful engines delivering great handling and great traction with its all-wheel-drive, all for a much lesser price. Under the hood is housed a 3.6-liter V-6 engine capable of 292 horsepower enabling the Chrysler 300 to place itself much higher than strong performers. Overall, the Chrysler 300 has an average score in terms of performance, interior, price and key features that make any AWD large car buyer think twice.

Lincoln Continental
The good old fashioned Lincoln Continental has long been an American luxury standard for many decades. The Lincoln Continental has evolved over many generations. This year the Lincoln Continental has been reintroduced after fifteen years with an all-wheel-drive for the first time.
This classic is powered by a 3.7 liter V6 base engine capable of 305 horsepower and can give you great handling. The luxurious interior is quiet, spacious, and filled with technical features. While delivering powerful performance on road the Lincoln Continental does not meet optimum fuel efficiency.

Tesla Model S
Cometh the torch-bearer of the electric car movement, the 2017 Tesla Model S has a lot to offer than just being an electric car with an all-wheel-drive. This is the first all-electric car in the luxury large car category and it does pack a punch to many long time pioneers of the luxury car industry. The 2017 Tesla Model S which starts with a standard 75 kWh battery pack that can deliver 382 horsepower is both athletic and powerful. This electric car can accommodate five people inside its quiet, spacey and elegantly designed interior has a lot of infotainment and optional adaptive suspension that can raise or lower your car. Overall, the 2017 Tesla Model S might be a bit pricey than a few other competitors but beats all other cars with its intelligent design and electric power.

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