Here’s the list of top cars of 2017 to buy from

Here’s the list of top cars of 2017 to buy from

Car shoppers always seek the best car. Vehicles are usually bought based on its performance, reliability, safety, road test and features. Here is a compilation of some of the best cars to buy this 2017:

Toyota Prius (hybrid)
The current Toyota Prius is a compact car that seats 5. It comes in 7 trims. It is fixed at $27,323 with 52 mpg of fuel estimate overall. It has scored 75 out of 100 in the road test.Sweetening the deal, the new Prius comes standard with a comprehensive suite of safety features. A double-wishbone rear suspension combined with the body rigidity and aerodynamics of Prius help create a stunningly smooth ride.

Mazda MX 5 Miata (sports car)
The Mazda MX-5 Miata is the embodiment of driving pleasure ranging at $29,905. It is featured with immediate steering response and a handling balance that will make the riders happy. Above all, it gets the impressive fuel economy of 34 mpg overall. It scores 80 out of 100 in the road test.

Chevrolet Impala (large sedan)
It scores 91 out of 100 in the road test with a base MSRP at $39,110. The Chevrolet Impala continues to reign as the leading large sedan with 22 mpg fuel capacity overall. Chevrolet Impala includes a spacious interior, innovative available safety features, and advanced phone integration.

Subaru Forester (small SUV)
Among small SUVs, the Forester delivers a spacious interior, impressive safety equipment and crashworthiness and affordable package. Fuel economy is excellent at 26 mpg overall and available at a cheap rate of $27,145. Performance is decent from the standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and scores 85 out of 100 in the road test.

Toyota Highlander (midsized SUV)
Among the midsized SUV, none do it better than the Toyota Highlander. At present Toyota Highlander has a score of 9.6 out of 10 and score 84 out of 100 in the road test. The Highlander’s base MSRP starts at $31,400. Currently, the Toyota Highlander ranks fourth out of nineteen midsized SUVs. It tops its speeds up to 115 mph, meanwhile offers a lot of safety features.

Audi Q7 (luxury SUV)
The seven-passenger Q7 is the highest-rated vehicle with 96 out of 100. It also has a best reliability and owner’s satisfaction. The newly designed headlamps in the Audi Q7 are available in three options namely, LEDs, xenon, and Matrix LED lamps which take it’s ratings to the top. It offers mileage about 10.7 km in cities, while 14.75 in highways and with a fuel capacity of 20 mpg overall.

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