Here’s what you need to know about luxury car models

Here’s what you need to know about luxury car models

Look no further for a complete index of the finest luxury cars. If you are tempted to own one (or more) of these, they surely would make heads turn your way. Indulge.

Exceptional craftsmanship that screams luxury is what the Audi A8 L is all about. Its legendary all wheel drive makes driving an irresistible adventure. Its 6.3 liter, 12 cylinder, all powerful engine establishes you are the unrivalled leader on the road. The light weight aluminium build ensures remarkable acceleration, while the adaptive cruise control keeps you safe in all traffic conditions. An array of intelligently positioned cameras facilitates easy parking, while the Audi Assist system with its hi-tech radar sensors and visual warnings alerts you when vehicles are inconveniently close. Striking performance and an assured commanding presence make the Audi A8 L the ultimate luxury on wheels.

The RLX Sport Hybrid is the luxury flagship sedan from the stables of Acura. Their most advanced performer ever, the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid seamlessly integrates a direct-injection V-6 engine with three electric motors and its all-wheel drive lets you ease through challenging curves, whether traveling at high speed, accelerating or simply coasting. The result is a truly exhilarating driving experience. Outstanding hi-tech automation and exclusive, astonishingly prominent cabin comforts combined with intelligent safety features in this alluring beauty has entirely altered the standard for this segment of opulent cars.

Exuding sophistication, the Cadillac CT6 has immense detailing in its reinvented model. The captivating interiors is an indulgence for its well-heeled occupants. The automatically adjustable quad-zone climate control, heated seats and steering wheel and the umpteen massage settings gives ultimate comfort to its passengers. The exclusively designed Bose Panaray sound system makes the most of its innovative technologies and all the 34 strategically placed speakers deliver an exceptional listening experience for all. Iconic vertical lighting, a sweeping silhouette, sophisticated safety technologies, Auto Vehicle Hold that holds the CT6 in position, surplus horsepower and torque provide remarkable comfort and ensure the road is firmly under your command. All in all, a reassuring ride that keeps you moving forward and is hard to resist, every day.

The BMW 7 Series reaches new altitudes in technology, comfort, and performance while integrating a seamless luxury experience for the user of this top class luxury sedan. Radical engineering sets this light weight model a class apart. Boasting a 601-hp TwinPower Turbo V12 engine in the M Performance model, and with a wealth of innovations like the Touch Command tablet or the remote parking ability with the Display Key, the BMW 7 Series sets the standard for luxury without sacrificing an ounce of performance. It is indeed an unforgettable passionate experience in itself.

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