Here’s what you should know about car rental

Here’s what you should know about car rental

The car rental is at its peak in the summer. Due to this, prices are expected to climb. The prices of car rental are expected rise from July through August. For instance, a car rental of a weekly airport rental of a compact car booked seven days was roughly $350. This was approximately 50 percent more than $250 (approximately) that was charged in March.

Following are some tips that can help you save extra while renting cars through car rental coupons and otherwise:

Go beyond the brand
Look beyond the car rental brands. There are budding car rental services all over the United States that offer low operating costs. Using car rental coupons of such car rental companies will help you save you more. These car rental companies cost at least around 20 percent less than the main stream car rental companies. There are many companies with unfamiliar names that offer extra discounts on some luxury sedans using car rental coupons.

Look for virtual discounts
Search for discounts and coupons for extra cutbacks. There are many websites that offer car rental coupons of various car rental companies. Type “car rental coupons” on your internet search engine and you will get numerous websites for car rental coupons to choose from. Car rental companies also offer discount codes to member of frequent flier programs. They also partner with retail companies that allow you to combine discount codes with coupon codes, which bag extra savings when you rent a car.

Track discount rates
There are many websites that continually check for lower car rental rates and coupons until your trip date. Keep a track on such websites that keep a track of discount and coupons offered by several websites and car rental companies. Although you may not find discounts offered by mainstream major car rental companies. You might have to visit their official websites and subscribing to their newsletters.

Reserve the car for longer duration
Although it sounds a bit unconventional, but taking an extra day on the weekly rental or even adding a couple of hours. In order to extend it over the weekend can actually lower the car rental prices. The strategy takes advantage of the fact that lower prices are offered to the leisure travelers who are likely to travel over the weekend.

Negotiating over the counter after you have booked for a car rental might help you save extra dollars.

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