Here’s why AARP membership is great for car rentals

Here’s why AARP membership is great for car rentals

AARP Inc., the association for older Americans, offers memberships to anyone over the age of 50. Sure, while no one wants to be thought of as elderly or a senior at just 50, an AARP membership actually can be pretty great! A membership with AARP brings with it a whole host of benefits, discounts, and specials, from car rental to health insurance. Plus, here’s a little secret – AARP, even though supposed to be for older folks, will actually grant paid membership to its association to people under the age of 50 as well. There are a number of people in the know, below 50 years of age, who have taken AARP membership just so that they can have access to the many wonderful deals and discounts that said membership brings to them.

AARP has special offers and discounts available to its members on car rentals, in association with some of the most reputable and reliable car rental service providers in the United States. It actually also has discounts that are oftentimes unbeatable. Yup – better and higher savings than what other memberships and associations can bring to the table! Avis, Payless, Budget and ZipCar all have specials and benefits on car rentals for AARP members. These companies all fall under the AvisBudget family, which has an exclusive and official partnership with AARP.

So, what are the advantages and special privileges that AARP members get from Avis and Budget car rentals? For starters, you can avail of a discount on the listed car rental pricing when you have AARP membership. Secondly, you won’t have to pay extra for wanting a second driver to be able to drive the rental. The second driver can be anyone you’re traveling one, not restricted to a spouse or family member. Third, AARP members can rent a GPS (Garmin is the brand on offer) for a mere $6.99 a day along with their rental. Unlimited mileage offers for most cars, when the car rental is taken and returned from the same location, is another special for AARP members. For those worried about the high liability charges that could be leveraged in the case of an accident or damage to the rental car, AARP membership helps, as the cap is set at $5000 on the rental car for AARP members. For anyone who wants to rent a car while on holiday or for work and does so even once a year, the discounts from AARP make that $16 membership well worth it!

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