Here’s why Carfax services are so popular

Here’s why Carfax services are so popular

Carfax has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people turning to the web-based service that offers vehicle history reports on used cars. The company says it has records for used car gathered from department of motor vehicles across all the fifty states in the country, and across Canada, too. It also looks to state titles, registration records, insurance companies, manufacturers, police departments, rental companies, and auto auctions, amongst whole host of other sources, to get its detailed and vast record on cars across North America. All the information available about the cars via Carfax have been reported and thus the company offers only information that has been divulged and are a matter of record, and not any hidden accidents or issues that may well be a part of a particular vehicle’s history.

The company is providing free information on the history of used cars, under the name myCARFAX. There are four different services on vehicle history that are offered by Carfax, and they are aptly and self-explanatorily named Lemon Check, Recall Check, Record Check, and Problem Car. Now, while myCARFAX does have free information available about a car and certain information in terms of vehicle history report, the free version is just a partial peek and not all encompassing. For that, Carfax offers paid reports, with payment levels starting from for a single report for one car to reports on five vehicle identification numbers, or 5 five cars, and another level where one can get 5 VIN checks and then an unlimited number of checks on vehicles based on their license plate numbers.

Carfax used car listings is another service offered by the company that is quite popular. As the name suggests, this service assists anyone who is looking to buy a used car, with getting details and a list of used cars available. What makes this service particularly helpful is that there are filters that offer users the option to choose specific attributes to search, like for a car with no accidents reported, or the car’s service records. This service offering allows potential buyers to browse through a range of used cars that are available for purchase, and while also offering the traditional search by make, model, year options, the search by the vehicle’s history makes for a higher level and more granular filter, and means a buyer can weed out unwanted cars by the number of accidents they may have been involved in, their insurance record, their maintenance records, and more.

Carfax does have free information available about a car’s VHR, though the free version is just a partial peek.

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