How to buy a used RV

How to buy a used RV

Purchasing a used Recreational Vehicle or Motorhome can be scary and daunting. But, all journeys begin with the first step. Purchasing the right travel vehicle is the most difficult step and once that is in place then you can begin your travel journey too. The motor-home that you buy has to be reliable, sturdy and reasonably priced.

Buying a used vehicle that you know absolutely nothing about can make you feel apprehensive. In case you feel overwhelmed by this decision, follow the tips below to help you decide on a RV best suited to your needs.

Research and attend RV trade shows
Since you have thought about buying used RVs you must do a little research before buying it. You need to determine the size and type of the RV that suits you best. Herein, you must also consider your travel plans. You can attend RV trade shows but always remember that you are not buying a vehicle there. You are there simply to look for ideas and gather information.

Rent an RV
You can also rent an RV for a week if you so like. You can search for a model that comes close to the one you have in mind. When you have the vehicle, you must test drive it, learn to park and also stay in for a couple of nights to see what it feels like. This way you can prepare yourself for various situations on the road and be better equipped to handle the RV.

Read about RVs
There are a lot of books and e-books written about RVs. These are written by experts from the industry. The books will tell you how to test each aspect of RV, what should you avoid etc.

Choose a Model
When you decide upon the RV then you can visit the RV forums and seek for advice, and read reviews on the selected model written by experienced users. This way you can learn about new ideas and opinions on the same model.

Search Online or Locally
You can search for used RVs on a number of websites. The websites like, etc allow you to search for used RVs by the model, price and other specifications. A lot of websites list RVs for sale by dealers and also through owners. You can also search your own neighborhood to see if anyone is interested in selling their used RVs.

Inspect the Vehicle
If you are ready to buy the used RV, then before making a deal you must make a final inspection of the vehicle. Before you go for an inspection you must have a checklist ready for the RV. You can create your own checklist or browse through the internet for a sample checklist for RVs. You must ask the seller to switch on all the units of RV for inspection like the fridge, house battery etc.

Make a Deal
When you buy used RVs it is usually a long bargaining process Therefore, it is always good to begin on the low side but try not to insult the seller with inappropriate pricing. If he is willing to lower the selling price, then you can negotiate and make a deal!

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