Know about auto part catalogs

Know about auto part catalogs

When auto spare parts dealers found a business opportunity in Internet-based platforms, they took to auto spares. Those who specialized in restorative work needed nonoperative spares as well. Selling catalogs to the owners of antique cars, repair and spare part dealers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts became a profitable proposition to platforms. There are some who specialize in spare parts for antique cars while some specialize in salvaged parts from cars that are sent to the dump. It was synergic for them to deal in old cars and that became another business line.

The Genuine Parts Company started to buy other lucrative spare dealers, and in 1925, they formed the National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA) with the intention of improving the supply of auto spares. NAPA caters to the ever increasing private users of cars, trucks and other automotive vehicles for their travel and transportation needs and the growing tribe of do-it-yourself enthusiasts. More than 500,000 parts are distributed through 6,000 NAPA stores in 57 distribution centers. Some 16.000, or more, AutoCare and Collision Centers nationwide are part of NAPA.

There are provisions to reserve parts needed and pick it up from the selected local NAPA store. Normally, parts will be available at the selected store in a matter of two hours barring exigencies. Orders placed online before 15:00 hrs Eastern Time will be available in two to five days. Part orders are also dispatched in order of required priority. NAPA’s priority is customer satisfaction and there is a return policy in place. Items can be tracked on the net. Purchased items can be returned either to NAPA Online or to any local NAPA network store within 30 days of receipt. Shipping is generally free.

O’Reilly Auto Parts is another online store that started as a single store in 1957. They are a dominant player with 5,147 locations. O’Reilly stores also do some essential vehicle checks for free like Battery life, Starter Motor, Alternator, Engine Lighting System, Wiper Blade, and bulbs changing at their shops. Many tools are required only for specific jobs and are uneconomical for many shops and do-it-yourself enthusiast to stock. O’Reilly stores loan such tools on a refundable deposit. Services like custom paint mixing for collision repairs and battery and hydraulic fluids recycling are also offered. They ship ordered parts to the local O’Reilly stores or one in their network. There is a return of parts policy also.

Mac’s Antique Auto Parts is now a part of Eckler’s family of Automotive Companies. They are an online auto spare parts exclusively for Ford and Mercury cars and trucks. They cater to ardent Ford antique car lovers who exult in possessing genuine printed catalogs of antique Ford cars. Eckler’s specializes only in Camaro, Corvette, Chevy/ GM, Mercedes, and Porsche.

iDrive specializes in salvaged and used car parts. They undertake restoration work and buy used cars also.

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