Know the popular and affordable front-mounted snow plows

Know the popular and affordable front-mounted snow plows

Snow plows make your life easier by helping you remove the snow from your driveways and roads. This is important for anyone who lives in a region where winters can be extreme and for those whose commute routes are often covered in snow.

There are various kinds of snow plows available in the market. These include personal snow plows that can be mounted in the front or rear of the vehicle.

Here are some of the best affordable snow plows of the front mounting kind that you can get in under USD 2,000.

SnowSport LT Utility Snow Plow

This is one of the popular ones in the price range and is an affordable snow plow that comes with a lot of attractive features. This model can be easily mounted onto any SUV, Jeep, or pickup truck. The plow blade is made of the best quality aluminum and is very light. Other than this easy to carry blade, this affordable snow plow kit also consists of a 2” front receiver mount and a push frame. One of the best features of this snow plow is that it requires no wiring or confusing lever controls.

SnowBear Home Series Snow Plow

This is yet another affordable snow plow available under USD 2,000. This snow plow can clean up ice very fast and can be operated with a wireless remote to raise and lower the blade. The snow plow is available in three size variants and is adaptable to most SUVs and pickup trucks. The snow plow has a powdered coated black finish, made of steel. This affordable snow plow is corrosion resistant and lasts for several years. The black finish also adds to its looks. It can be easily installed at home on to the vehicle without the need for any heavy machines. It comes with a 2” front hitch which makes it very convenient to mount and unmount the blade onto the vehicles.

K2 Avalanche Snow Plow

K2 Avalanche is a brilliant yet affordable snow plow that comes with some features that are usually found in the more expensive variants. The model has a sharp design and is made of steel. This affordable snow plow comes in two size options – the 82” inch model and the 84” model. Apart from the blade, the snow plow kit also includes skid shoes, a snow deflector, and caster wheels, just all the required accessories when snow plowing. This affordable snow plow can be easily assembled and installed onto the vehicle using common hand tools.

Apart from these, there are some other affordable plows available in the market worth exploring. Compare the prices and features of different models before finalizing one.

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