Overview of the auto parts and accessories market

Overview of the auto parts and accessories market

Auto Parts and Accessory markets are dominated by Internet-based platforms. With the advent of e-commerce, many enterprising entrepreneurs have made use of the Internet to great advantage. Marketing on the net is more convenient, less time consuming and arduous than the conventional shopping. With a slight adaptation, the same results can be achieved sitting in the comfort of home or office.

The present-day Internet platforms have a network of local shops besides their own. One can order the items on the net and have it delivered at the local shop of choice in a matter of hours. Most of the spare parts network is formed by old reputed stores who bought over other promising businesses and launched the web platform; thereby, recruiting good local shops to form the network.

Spare parts and spare parts and accessories seem to be somewhat separate segments. The auto spare parts are dominated by NAPA, O’Reilly and Eckler’s Family of automotive companies and so many like them. There are companies that specialize in antique car parts while others do so in salvaged car parts.

There are quite a few who have found the advantage of combining accessories to their inventory. CARiD is one of the largest private spare part marketers. Many of their suppliers are suppliers to original equipment manufacturers and are known for consistent high product quality. The company offers to match any lesser price for the same product, and that within the year of purchase based on certain conditions. They offer common facilities like tracking of order and return of purchase. The accessories include car covers, wheel rims, and running boards.

BDK deals exclusively with accessories. The inventory comprises seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers, car covers, hubcaps, sunshades, auto care products, and seats for pets. Seat covers have a variety of products within the category such as side-less two-piece cover for front seats, BDK healthy magnetic seat covers, Max Comfort, covers with foam cushions, and BDK Front Pair Bucket car seat covers, to name just a few. There are a large variety of steering wheel covers to choose from as well. Car covers of single layer, Motor Trend three-layer waterproof covers, and Motor Trend poly layer covers are a few examples of the products on offer. Hubcaps of various designs and sizes, Sunshades Auto care products, and seats for pets are all available.

SHOP 411 stocks both auto parts and accessories. SHOP 411 is a department store covering the automobile sector, boat and related items, bicycle parts and accessories, garden and domestic appliances, clothing and accessories, computers and software entertainment, electronics, robotics and radio controlled toys, and quite possibly all the things a family would need except medical equipment and medicine.

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