Six tips to buy auto parts at great prices

Six tips to buy auto parts at great prices

Auto replacement parts can definitely burn a huge hole in your pocket, if you buy it without doing a bit of research. Most people, intimidated by the process, end up an paying exorbitant amounts to dealers for parts that would otherwise be available for a third of the price.

Here are a few tips to help you purchase auto parts at affordable prices

It’s extremely important to conduct an online research to determine the cost of the part you are intending to buy. You can visit online discussion forums specific to automotive topics and ask people for assistance in acquiring a specific car part. You can also turn towards Facebook groups to do your research. Alternatively, you can visit websites such as, or Ebay to compare prices. See of you you can source the part from overseas for a cheaper price.

Verify the part with your dealer
Once you have found what you are looking for, verify the part number with your dealer before making the purchase. Auto parts vary with engines and transmission combinations. Hence, it is extremely necessary to ensure that you are purchasing the right parts for your car.

Visit a junkyard
Most people don’t consider this option as feasible as it requires you to sort through many used but parts, until you find what you are looking for. Self-service junkyards are great to find auto parts at affordable prices. However, this requires you to spend some time and put in considerable effort to find what you are looking for.

Scour the internet for coupons
Lets face it, buying auto parts from retailers work out to be very expensive. Instead of turning to their websites first, look online for discount coupons and manufacturer rebates. You’ll be surprised to see the number of options available to you. Also keep an eye on magazines and newspapers for offers and promotional coupons.

Purchase a parts car
A slightly complicated method, but if you are in need of a number of spare body parts, consider buying a parts car that will act as the donor vehicle. You can look at public-auction listings, local impound-lot auctions, salvage auctions, or the “Auction” section in your local newspaper to find an older version of your car.

Purchase from a dealer
Purchasing auto parts from your dealer should be your last resort. If you have been unsuccessful in sourcing the required auto parts using the above methods, visit your local dealership. You should be ready to shell out more money in this case.

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