Small yet versatile trucks that you can choose from

Small yet versatile trucks that you can choose from

A small-sized truck is good enough for pick-ups and regular business. However, that does not stop you from considering a full-size one, and this is where you need to work out your budget constraints and current requirements.

Indeed, buying a Chevrolet or a Ford full-sized truck can cost a bomb. Thereby, a mid-size or a small truck can get you going. For all the simple work including towing, hauling, and transporting, a small-sized truck will do. The current all size trucks in the country are mid-size with full-size proportions.

The concept of pick-ups is literally synonymous with small-sized trucks in the country and is quite a rave. Since 2016, the market has also witnessed a sudden upsurge in truck sales, including the Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge pickups. The point is to get a roomy, spacious truck that fits within a said budget and stays intact and fuel-efficient.

The choices can be confusing yet you need to focus on the seating, comfort factor, on-road manners, tech and connectivity features, safety, and support before you zero in on the right one.

To give you a heads start, listed below are the five best small trucks that one could consider.

  • Toyota Tacoma
    Perfectly compact, this vehicle can handle rough terrains and has great reliability ratings. It comes with a user-friendly infotainment system and goes that extra mile with its off-roader capabilities. You get the Safety Sense package with Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature in the 2018 model. For daily driving activities, this is a good buy.
  • Honda Ridgeline
    Known for its upscale interiors and fine cabins, this vehicle stays at the top in the small-sized truck ratings. Safety is a key factor in this vehicle with a long list of features available. Despite being a bit pricey, this vehicle gives away a lot more than you can imagine. Indeed, the used model of 2017 is also a great buy.
  • Chevrolet Colorado
    It is one of the best for giving you a smooth ride and an excellent towing capacity. Consistent engine power with an above average fuel efficiency, this truck stays at the front in towing and hauling. Starting at around $20,000, the Chevrolet Colorado is pretty much a fair deal.
  • GMC Canyon
    Another hit on the road is this vehicle for its very upscale cabin and versatile engine system. Also a leader in hauling and towing and fuel efficiency, the GMC Canyon will keep you going with its sporty feel like. The interiors are a class work of quality materials. Additionally, this truck offers second-row space and great tech features. Very reasonably priced, the GMC Canyon gives you great gas mileage along with fuel efficiency for years to come.
  • Nissan Frontier
    Priced at a lower level, this truck is one of the best with limited features. The price factor and in-built tech features give you enough reasons to buy this mid-size vehicle.

If you want to stay practical and not go over the top, picking a small-sized truck is the perfect decision. Essentially, you can get the best of both worlds, including high tech features and reliability in a small truck.

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