The best roadside assistance companies for wheelchair vans

The best roadside assistance companies for wheelchair vans

Having a medical condition or disability does not necessarily mean that you should not drive or you are allowed to drive. In most states separate vehicle driving tests are being conducted in which if they pass are certified with a licence to drive like any other person. But the person who are disabled may not be able use the regular vehicles. Their vehicles are customized according to their need or to their accessibility. Mobility products for a handicapped accessible vans hold inbuilt technology that brings future into reality, it includes hand controls, gas/brake pedal extensions, portable wheelchair ramps, Disability aids, mobility aids, Extension controls, foot control driving aids and many more. There are many companies which come up with their unique features in remodeling used cars into a wheelchair van that are easily accessible by the needy.

Mobility Works:

Mobility works has sold more than 300 used accessible vans. It is a national chain of wheelchair accessible van providers serving with intension to supply wheelchair accessible minivans, full size vans with lifts and commercial fleet vehicles for the disabled. They do a vigorous safety and mechanical valuation on the used cars with a detailed coordination of the general manager, service manager and the service technician.

Kersey Mobility for life:

Kersey mobility is the leading provenance for used wheelchair van sales throughout Pacific Northwest. The produce quality wheelchair vans for sales and delivers many other offers for your handicap van throughout the state of Washington. Their service range includes Wheelchair van service, driver evaluations, Veteran services and wheelchair van rentals. Kersey’s provides mobility service for their clients. Whether you are a long-time customer or newly added one they assure to do the best to get your back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

The Creative Mobility Group:

The Creative mobility group dispenses new and used wheelchair accessible vans including rear-entry and side entry lowered floor minivans, full size conversion vans, SUVs and para-transit vehicles. They also provide other offers like vehicle modifications such as hand controls and left-foot accelerators according to your accessibility. They have highly trained service staffs who are brilliant in solving any issues and comes up with innovative ideas supporting the customer’s satisfaction. Moreover, it is not the buying and selling that matters for them, they treat you like a family.

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