The fastest-selling Dodge trucks right now

The fastest-selling Dodge trucks right now

Dodge trucks marketed under the brand, ‘Ram,’ have been around since 1980. They maintain the highest loyalty in any pickup truck brand. 2016 was a great year for Ram with booming sales as well as accolades of design and features. The Dodge pickup truck line up which goes toe to toe with 2016 GMC Sierra line up of trucks is quite popular. Let’s take a quick look as to why this award-winning line up of Dodge trucks are so popular:

2016 Ram 1500: This half tonner may not have been seriously upgraded since 2009, but it does not show, the Ram 1500 is the most popular in the Ram series. It is paired with an option of three engines and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The latest version of the 1500 comes with an updated center console, and the previous year’s rebel trims are now standard. It comes in both rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The 1500 comes with air suspension allowing to the truck to drop 2 inches for easy ingress and lift overs.

2016 Ram 2500: The difference between the youngest sibling, the Ram 1500, and the middle one, Ram 2500, is towing and hauling. Unique in its class, the Ram 2500 has coil spring rear suspension and that makes all the difference when the bed is empty. The Ram 2500 can tow 17,980 pounds and can carry 3,990 pounds in the bed. Compared to the GMC Sierra, the Ram 2500 has better engine options, higher trim levels that make it premium as against all other competitors.

2016 Ram 3500: So, what’s new with the 2016 Ram 3500, you ask? A monumental 900 pound-feet torque from a newly calibrated diesel engine. The all-new 2016 Ram 2500 is a beast. It can tow an amazing 31,210 pounds and carry a payload of 73900 pounds in its bed. All of this without compromising on ride quality or plush interiors. The Mega Cab variant offers limousine like leg room. The leaf suspension is enhanced with an air suspension system that allows the truck to lower its stance by a couple of inches for easy ingress and lift overs. This is one truck that can play hard and party harder.

Ram Chassis Cab: Now we are talking serious hauling power. Though Ram chassis Cab has seen some rough times in the first part of the decade it has made an awesome comeback in the past two years. Available in either 6.4L V8 Hemi or 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel, these work horses put out 370hp and 325hp respectively. Keeping with its USP, Ram Chassis Cabs offer the best in class interiors and ride.

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