The importance of auto glass

The importance of auto glass

The windshield of a vehicle is a boon to drivers and passengers alike. The windshield of your vehicle acts as a barrier and prevents you from falling out or getting injured during an accident.

Once the windshield cracks, it increases the chances of being thrown out. This is all because the glass shatters into pieces due to a single cracked joint resulting in a higher threat. Safety is a huge matter; a split second of inadequate care is enough for a fatal threat. No rider wants to put their family at risk because of a faulty product.

Companies, like Glass America and USA Auto Glass, provide services like repair, replacement, fixing a new windshield, chip and joint repairs, and professional installation. These are certified authorities who offer reliable services, understand the safety norms, are accurate, and they know how to apply their expertise for your benefit.

The importance of safety auto glass:

  • Passengers or drivers ejected from a vehicle due to cracked auto glass are more likely to sustain injuries than those inside. These injurious can be fatal as well. A poorly installed auto glass can sometimes fail during an accident. This can expose them to broken glass pieces; moreover, the possibility of being hit by other vehicles and flying debris increases. Not to mention that the glass might hit other vehicles and injure other people as well. Delaminating of the auto glass results in dangerous accidents that can put lives at risk.
  • The airbag safety system is not the only safety measure. Auto glass is the primary measure of safety to protect the passengers during an accident. Airbags work at a speed of around 150 to 200 miles per hour. A cracked auto glass might not have the right structural ability to absorb the high tension resulting in passengers being gravely injured even though they have an airbag safety system installed.
  • The roof of a vehicle collapsing is also prevented by the windshield should a car roll during an accident. A cracked auto glass does not meet the safety standards by any stretch. Windshields provide up to 70% of the structural integrity when a vehicle rolls. A cracked auto glass will always fail to support the roof in such a condition and can cause severe injury to the people inside the car.
  • Auto glass repair or replacements do not fall under full insurance coverage other than the collision part. However, auto glass replacement will not influence your premiums. Every insurance policy has a special deductible part for auto glass damage and it is always a good idea to check with your insurance companies about the collision deductibles as well.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a safety auto glass installed and repaired in your car.

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