The need for automated tools

The need for automated tools

While writing software, especially big and complicated ones, errors are bound to happen. It is necessary to spot and rectify them before release as it adversely affects the customer’s reliability. In cases like avionics, it can lead to catastrophes. One can imagine the result of erroneous software on autopilot. Multi-core processing improves performance but software is very complex and prone to errors like concurrency bugs.

Automated testing can detect more defects than manual methods. Hackers use defects in software to mount their attacks. It is imperative that the software used for security is impregnable. Automatic testing tools have an important role to play in making the software so. With society becoming more web-centric, they need to be absolutely secure. Automated testing tools are also used by Regulatory Agencies to investigate accidents.

Modern automobiles use pretty complicated and lengthy codes, often more than 10 million lines. Modern automobiles also use software-aided controls in many places like engine management, drive train management, braking systems, suspensions, and chassis besides safety systems and infotainment systems.

Another place where an automated testing tool is used is in the automated operations like robotic welding and other similar processes. The importance of fault-free software in automobile manufacturing is self-evident. Most of this software is upgraded to include newer requirements and, in this process, some portions of the old program may not function, creating problems. Automated testing tools help to detect and rectify such defects. Other than safety, there are commercial reasons. Tested flawless software increases the reputation of the developer, reduces the cost for the user as he needs less maintenance and guarantees quality assured production or services to which the software is put to use.

Selenium is an extremely popular automated testing tool. It can be executed in multiple operating systems and automated testing frameworks; moreover, it is compatible with many languages in programming as well as multiple browsers. One can create a browser-centric, innovative, and very powerful automation testing scripts that are scalable for different environments. It is very useful and helpful in regression testing and prompt reproduction bug. It can be used for exploratory testing also. It is an open source tool.

TestComplete is another tool for a web, desktop, and mobile applications. One can build and run functional User Interface tests. The software has a good record and replay capability also. Multiple programming languages can also be used. It has the capacity to do parallel, regression, and cross-browser testing. It also supports a large number of applications on the Net, native and hybrid iOS and Android.

The above two are second generation tools. Third generation tools using artificial intelligence have already started to hit the markets. These solutions exploiting the potentials of machine learning and artificial intelligence are more efficient, faster, and powerful.

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