The new Ford Fusion 2017 – know everything you need

The new Ford Fusion 2017 – know everything you need

The all-new Ford Fusion 2017 is the car of your dreams. It looks more stunning than ever and has got striking new features. It is the future of cars and has replaced the traditional gear shifter. It has a sophisticated style and impressive performance that will make you feel excited about this car.If you are going to buy a car soon, then you should check the new Ford Fusion 2017. It has been designed carefully to cater your requirements and steal the spotlight no matter where you go.The Fusion 2017 comes in three major variants, i.e., the Titanium, Platinum, and the V6 Sport. Given below are some of the new and exciting features of this new car.

LED Lighting

The new Fusion 2017 has LED headlamps which will offer you superior light quality. These bulbs are way better than halogen bulbs and also use less energy. The LED is also available on the Titanium, Platinum, and V6 Sport.

Rotary Gear Shift Dial

The new rotary gear shift dial is designed to take up less space and provide more space for different storage options like cup holders and other knick-knacks. It is convenient and is designed thoughtfully for the new Ford Fusion 2017.


The new Fusion 2017 offers a very distinct interior. It is a combination of sophisticated fabrics and trims colors. The car has plush seats with premium ceramic. The Ford Fusion Platinum has heated and cooled front seats.


The 2017 Fusion comes with five attractive models that will leave you spoilt for choice. Whatever your driving needs, you are sure to find the car of your dreams with this one. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for power or efficiency or it can be both, this car has EcoBoost engines which are three powerful yet efficient engines.

Fusion Hybrid

The Fusion Hybrid is something that will keep you informed about the efficiency of your car and your driving as well.

Energy Plug-in hybrid

The Fusion 2017 comes with the Energy Plug-in hybrid that is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a gas engine. This offers a convenience of options between charging and gas. You can use the MyFord mobile app or the website to monitor the charging of your car from anywhere to extend the battery range of your vehicle. It offers an estimated EPA of 610 miles driving range on a full charge with a full tank of gas.

These were some of the most innovative technology that the Ford Fusion has in its 2017 models. So go ahead and express your unique self by getting this beauty.

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