Things to know before buying a refurbished Ferrari car

Things to know before buying a refurbished Ferrari car

Everyone loves Ferrari’s racing cars. Enzo Ferrari founded this company in 1929, and it was originally known as Scuderia Ferrari. They manufactured racing cars and sponsored drivers before they began vehicle manufacturing in 1947.

Each Ferrari car is unique. Each vehicle takes inspiration from the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1, sports prototypes or Gran Turismo. Their current range of vehicles includes cars with V8 and V12 engines. They also tailor make cars with their made-to-order services. They have the best designs, engine capabilities, and customization facilities.

If you’ve always wanted to buy a Ferrari but you’ve been worried about the cost, then you can opt for a refurbished vehicle. Certified used Ferrari cars are available. Buyers with certification can enjoy security and peace of mind.

Ferrari’s pre-owned certification program called Ferrari Approved includes a series of checks which contains details about inspections carried out by Ferrari technicians. They also provide information about the car’s maintenance history and provenance. They prep the interiors and exteriors before selling a refurbished Ferrari car. Ferrari provides a warranty and roadside assistance of 24 months in Europe and 12 months for the rest of the world.

However, the brand is very meticulous, and it carries our many factory-listed technical checks and controls before approving a Ferrari car. Factory technicians, who are experts in evaluating every Ferrari model, carry out these inspections.

There are over 101 checks that test everything from the running gear and the electrical system to the interiors and bodywork. Other tests include a check of the fluid levels, checking the brakes, suspension, steering, cooling, air conditioner controls, safety system and instrumentation, wheels, tires, lights, etc.

In the end, a trained technician carries out a test drive. If any problem comes up, it is repaired using original Ferrari parts only. Once a Ferrari car passes the technical inspection, the company gives a written report to the new owner.

If you want to purchase a refurbished Ferrari car, then you can opt for Ferrari’s financial services provider. Their financial services are tailor-made to meet the client’s needs, and they have a worldwide dealership network. Ferrari offers a unique and convenient experience. They help to manage tax as well as focus on capital preservation. Buyers get access to factory resources, market dynamics, and first-hand dynamics which is unlike any other brand.

Customers are given the choice of driving away with a refurbished Ferrari car on contract with terms ranging from 13 to 60 months. They have conventional loans as well as balloon payment options. They also have an automatic payment withdrawal facility.

They also provide a credit line to the Ferrari owners and collectors. They have a fixed term loan on the equity of a single vehicle. They give flexible contracts and competitive financing rates.

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