Things to know before buying an auto battery from Costco

Things to know before buying an auto battery from Costco

Costco is a members-only, retail warehousing store. It is the largest of its kind in the country. This one-stop shop is a boon in many ways because it offers discounts, bargains, and amazing deals on almost everything. Buyers can even get automotive parts at very competitive prices at Costco. Car owners with Costco memberships can enjoy competitive prices on various automotive parts including car batteries.

Costco has been in the industry for over 65 years. Costco is the first company to have grown from zilch to a $3 billion company in less than six years. The total revenue of the company is estimated to be $98 billion with a $1.7 billion profit. They are also a Fortune 500 company. The main competitor of Costco would be BJ’s Wholesale Club. The company has around 205,000 full and part-time employees across the globe. Costco also has roughly 90.3 million subscribers. The American Customer Satisfaction Index has named the Costco as the number one specialty retail store with a satisfaction index score of 84 in 2014.

Costco offers a wide range of car batteries which come with long-term warranties. It sells Interstate batteries which are suitable for cars, trucks, and boats. Interstate batteries are designed for high electronic consumption and for vehicles which draw a lot of power. The prices of car batteries at Costco vary depending on sizes, types, and kinds of vehicles.

The prices of auto batteries at Costco range from $50 to $100 approximately. This price includes a $15 refundable amount which you get when you exchange the old battery for a new one.

Costco provides free of cost installation with the purchase of an auto battery, and you also get a free warranty within the same price. Costco is one of the only stores to provide this service. You can find car batteries in every Costco Tire Center Department. When you visit the store, a representative will ask for some information about your vehicle like the year of purchase, model, make, size of the engine, etc. This information will help you choose a battery that is compatible with your vehicle.

It is not tough to install batteries by yourself, but if you cannot do so, a Costco representative from their store install it for free. Always call or fix an appointment before you got to purchase a car battery from Costco because they might not have every vehicle’s battery in stock. The right sized battery always matters which is why the Costco is trying to venture to into the universal auto battery market.

When you purchase a new battery, Costco recycles your old battery. They charge a recycling fee of $10 and refund this amount you return the old lead-acid battery at any Costco store. It is essential to recycle batteries to ensure that no hazardous by-products leach into the environment and harm other the people.

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