Things you need to know while making a purchase from RockAuto

Things you need to know while making a purchase from RockAuto

RockAuto is an auto parts company located in Madison, Wisconsin. It sells thousands of auto parts from over 200 manufacturers to customers all over the world. RockAuto updates its catalog on a daily basis and sells a variety of parts including, but not limited to, brake pads, bumpers, shock absorbers, door handles, mirrors, carpets, steering gears, engine long blocks, complete transmissions, and CV axles. They don’t have any mechanics employed, but they do provide customers with service manuals to help them repair their vehicles.

Here are a few things you need to know while purchasing from auto parts from RockAuto.

Know which part will fit your vehicle
You can find the right part that will fit your vehicle by choosing the right year, make, model, and engine combination of your vehicle. Note that there are certain factors that you must take in to account such as RWD vs. 4WD or 2-doors vs. 4-door or w/ A.C vs. w/o A/C while choosing the right fit. Read the descriptions carefully before making the choice.

Know if your vehicle has a feature mentioned in the part description
One way to find if the part you are looking for is the perfect fir for your vehicle is by comparing the features mentioned in its description with the original part. For instance, measure or inspect the original part, do an online search to decode the VIN number, read the owners’ manual, search online forums for similar queries, and contact a local dealership to get the right information.

Know why their prices are low
RockAuto sells parts at a much lower price when compared to retail outlets, dealership stores, and competitors. They do this by providing a platform for customers to self-serve and choose the parts they need from the catalog themselves without any external help from employees. They cut costs by removing manpower from the equation. They also have a centralized warehouse from where they ship parts directly to the customers, thereby cutting costs.

Know if they have promotions and rebates
RockAuto does advertise manufacturers’ promotions and rebates. Current offers are available by clicking on the “promotions and rebates” icon located at the top right icon on the main page. You can also identify rebates on parts if there is a star icon beside it. Most of the promotions and rebates on products are honored by the manufacturer. You can find more information on the terms and conditions on their Promotions and Rebates page.

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