Things you should know before renting from U-Haul

Things you should know before renting from U-Haul

There are many options for rental trucks in the country, and most people find U-Haul to be the best option owing to the fact that they are economical and convenient. Moreover, there are quite a lot of franchises of U-Haul in and around the cities where one is located and it is easy to find a readily available U-Haul truck near you. Although they offer a variety of trucks and services to fit your need, you should also know a few more things before reserving your truck from U-Haul:

U-Haul services are available only for local rentals
The major disadvantage with U-Haul is that you cannot rent pickup trucks, trailers, or cargo vans for long-distance drives. However, people seeking to move in and around the local area can any time rely on U-Haul trucks services. The local rental trucks pick and drop one off at the same place, making U-Haul a great option for moving locally. Their minimum truck rate is as less as around $19.99/day, and if you need extra miles or days, they have separate packages for pickup trucks and cargo vans too.

They provide one-way rental trucks
U-Haul also provides a one-way rental option to help you move one way. With more than 20,000 U-Haul rental locations across in the country and Canada, there’s a very good chance that there is a U-Haul somewhere in or near your locality. Planning a one-way move would save you time and money.

Most trucks have independent seating for three people
Most used rental trucks have independent seating for three passengers, but not all of the trucks provide that facility. Among their rental trucks, cargo vans and 10-feet trucks are fitted with only two seats.

Rental trucks have almost no mileage
U-Haul trucks have more space but lesser mileage. The smaller trucks may give you longer distance and better mileage and the large trucks may not deliver the expected mileage. For instance, the 17- and 26-feet-long trucks will run up to 10 miles per gallon. If you are traveling a long distance, you should be aware of this because it will quickly rack up your fuel cost. However, if you are moving to a local area, this would not be an issue.

Age limit to rent a U-Haul truck
Not everyone can rent a truck from U-Haul. The company has certain age limitations to access their services. You need to be 18 years and above to rent a truck and 16 years minimum to hire a trailer. However, to rent both options, the customer has to hold a valid driver’s license.

Other truck rental options
U-Haul is not the only option you may have for moving truck rentals in your area. There are plenty of other companies who would offer equally good tariffs with additional supplies and services. You may just have to choose the company that fits your budget and near to your current location.

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