Top 5 luxury midsized sedans of 2018

Top 5 luxury midsized sedans of 2018

The best luxury midsized sedan has a mix of a smooth riding experience, great features, a good performance, and comfort. It offers composed handling and great acceleration with a powerful engine option. They also offer top-end interiors, classy exterior. high-quality materials, a spacious cabin, and rear seats. Hybrid midsized sedans come with latest features such as automated collision warning system and larger infotainment unit. Fuel consumption and mileage continue to improve as new-generation turbocharged, diesel and hybrid models arrive in the market, yet it does not show any compromise in horsepower build up. Certain luxury midsized sedans may even go beyond 500 horsepower.

Lexus ES 350
The Lexus ES 350 has 6-speed automatic transmission and a 3.5-litre V6 engine that gives 268 horsepower, which is a decent combination for its class. It is one of the best luxury midsized cars due to cheap pricing, exceptional quality, and low cost of total ownership. The new 2018 Lexus ES 350 guzzles little fuel and has low maintenance, repair, and insurance costs. The depreciation rate for this car’s value is lesser than that of its competitors, making the Lexus ES 350 a smart choice for a midsized sedan. With this luxury-oriented midsized sedan, you are in for a comfortable and smooth ride for the long haul.

Genesis G80
The 2018 Genesis G80 is a bolder take on the series with more distinctive styling and a new engine that first appeared in the flagship G90 sedan. This best luxury midsize car has undercut the sales of its various competitors with a low starting price, but its fuel consumption is so-so. Unlike Lexus ES 350, the Genesis G80 has an average maintenance cost, insurance, and repair costs are slightly beyond the class. It has a promising technology and style at par with many other European sedans.

Acura TLX
The new Acura TLX 2018 is improved with a new grille, has a dose of extra style, and has a faster infotainment system. The car has a supremely quiet ride and an A-Spec trim featuring suspension turning, revised steering, body kit, lip spoiler, sports seats, and big dual exhaust tips add much-needed flair. Acura TLX comes with standard features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and Acura Watch active safety tech. Acura TLX is available in six-cylinder models running on 18-inch wheels, four-cylinder models running on redesigned 17-inch wheels, and the A-6 A-Spec TLX models feature 19-inch alloy wheels.

Audi A6
The Audi A6 is not just the best luxury midsized car but also an executive car, especially among its rivals – the BMW 5-series, Mercedes, and the Jaguar XF. The range kicks off with a 2-liter 4-cylinder TDI engine, which is expected to be a big seller. The Audi A6 also comes in 3-liter TDI diesel engines, and at top of the range, you have a 3-liter TFSI petrol V6.

BMW 5-series
This car is big enough for almost everyone and has a lot more to do with than a luxury midsized car. It has wide doors for easy seating at the back. It has a lot of legroom and headroom that goes well for people are 6 feet tall. The new BMW 5-series is lighter and loaded with the latest sophisticated features. The most impressive feature is the rear or all-wheel drive and remote-control parking, which means that the car fits easily into tight places and spots where it is difficult to open the door.

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