Top commercial auto insurance providers in the country

Top commercial auto insurance providers in the country

The insurance policy that covers the physical damage of the vehicle and liabilities of the situation, which is not covered by the personal policy, is known as the commercial auto insurance. These insurance policies are much needed by businesses. These commercial auto insurance policies cover vehicles are used for company cars and a variety of large company vehicle fleets like food trucks, box trucks, service utility trucks, and work vans.

The coverage of commercial auto insurance is similar to that of personal auto insurance. It includes payments made for injuries or deaths caused by an accident, protection provided to the insured if the accident so occurred causes damage to the property of the other person, and pays for damage caused to the vehicle due to a collision. This commercial auto insurance also provides coverage for those vehicles that have either been stolen or have been damaged by reasons apart from a collision.

There are certain types of vehicles that cannot be covered under the personal vehicle insurance policy since personal auto insurance does not cover business vehicles. That’s when commercial auto insurance policy comes into the picture. The prediction of how much would one pay if they caused the accident is not possible. However, if the commercial auto insurance limits are higher than there is a greater possibility that the policy of the individual will be able to pay off all the damages caused. Listed below are some of the most popular commercial auto insurance companies in the country:

GEICO offers commercial auto insurance at great prices along with excellent services; hence, this company is rated amongst the best commercial auto insurance policy providers in the country. GEICO is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. If one is looking out for an insurance provider that has sufficient resources to pay for the claims, then they should contact GEICO for more details.

State Farm
State Farm offers protection against liabilities caused due to accidents, helps in availing benefits, collision coverage, etc. All these help in keeping the business going. The agent of State Farm can ascertain the deductible amounts, the coverage and the quotations that best suits the situation of the customer. The deductible amount is the part of the loss which is covered and that happens to be the responsibility of the policyholder.

Progressive also offers commercial auto insurance to more than 1 million commercial vehicles in the country. Progressive can adjust the policy depending on the seasonal changes to offer low rates to the customer keeping the cover steady. They also provide benefits to the customer like customizing the coverage, offering attractive rates, service of exceptional claims, discounts, etc.

The Travelers Companies
As protecting business vehicles is a different task as compared to the management of personal vehicles, The Travelers Companies provides many solutions that will help in covering the policyholder when it comes to protecting the business vehicles. The “Find Solutions” tool can be used to find the industry that The Travelers Companies offers protection for. Customized commercial auto insurance is provided by The Travelers Companies to Commercial Auto for Public Sector, Northland Trucking, and Oil and Gas Auto.

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