Top features to look for in the 2017 luxury cars

Top features to look for in the 2017 luxury cars

Luxury cars are like a fine wine. Once you have developed a taste for them, anything else feels less than ordinary, so much so that you would want to pay the extra price for owning one. Whether you have just discovered a taste for luxury or you are an old connoisseur, you must soak in a lot of information before you make a buying decision.

We have listed out a complete set of features that you must look into before finalizing the deal for any one of the 2017 luxury cars.

All-wheel drive: Luxury cars are usually available with all-wheel drive. The advantage of an all-wheel drive is that it provides traction during inclement weather. It is also better equipped to handle steering on dry roads. However, certain luxury brands like Acura, Audi, and Lexus offer front-wheel-drive models that provide better traction in slippery conditions.
Convenience features: Over the years, luxury car manufacturers have taken all possible efforts to add to the convenience of their customers. However, some of the essentials to look out for include:
– Wide doors, substantial legroom, and headroom
– Exit mode that allows you to automatically push back the driver’s seat and retract the steering wheel so that you can get out of the driver’s seat without ducking or bending
– Proximity keys that allow you to lock the doors by pressing a button on the door handle
– Keyless push-button ignition that allows you to start your car without inserting the key. Another advantage of a keyless entry is that you ca never lock your key inside the car.
Advanced safety features: Although luxury cars often include the most advanced safety features offered by technology, there can be a difference in the level of protection provided by different models. It is, therefore, advisable to compare safety ratings on vehicles. Some of the features to look out for include:
– Telematics systems that alert emergency personnel if an airbag deploys
– Display features that project a digital speedometer and next-turn directions into the windshield
– Lane-departure prevention, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and collision warning
– Night-vision cameras that allow you to navigate easily at night
Entertainment systems: High-end stereo systems are almost a standard in most luxury cars. Some vehicles offer branded stereos from suppliers like Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Burmester, Harmon Kardon, and Mark Levinson. They are a significant addition to the cost of the vehicle, but when luxury is what you are looking for, you would not want to settle for anything less.

Rear-seat entertainment systems that include DVD players, gaming systems, and wireless headsets are some of the other conveniences that come with a 2017 luxury car. Touch-sensitive displays that recognize swipes, hand gestures, and fully automated controls are becoming increasingly common. Some more add-ons that you can consider buying include satellite and HD radio and navigation systems and connectivity.

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