Top picks – most affordable small cars

Top picks – most affordable small cars

Have you been saving up for years, to get yourself the ideal small car that is both affordable and packs good value for money? There are some very good cars available that are bound to fit into your budget range. Here are some of the top picks across the most affordable small cars available in America at present.

Among the cars on the lowest end of the price spectrum range is the Nissan Verna, which starts at about US$12,000 for the basic model. Its body isn’t very tough but is considered reasonably fuel-efficient.

Another interesting offering is the Mirage G4, which comes from the Mitsubishi stable. Priced at close to US$ 15,000, the Mirage G4 comes with a good warranty. It has a 78 hp three cylinder and a five-speed manual.

The Ford Fiesta, which is comparable in price range to the Mirage G4, is a small car that comes with a standard five-speed manual. It is available on road both as a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback. With a 123 hp turbo cylinder, the Ford Fiesta is considered really good value for money.

At US$ 15,800 the Hyundai Accent is a car that has won hearts the world over. It’s a unique design and sleek interiors make it quite sought after in the affordable cars segment and it is available in both sedan and hatchback models. With a 136 hp cylinder, another plus is the 1,00,000 mile power train warranty.

Following with a price band that is very close to the Accent is Nissan’s Versa Note. However, although it has good fuel efficiency and sufficient leg room, the Versa Note is not very highly recommended by car experts on account of its less than satisfactory on road performance.

The Kia Rio, available as a sedan or a hatchback is a neat car is the US$ 16,000 price band. The basic model comes with air conditioning, manual door locks and windows and satellite radio while the EX and SX versions have a range of upgraded features.

Almost touching US$ 17,000 are the Toyota Yaris iA and the Honda Fit. The Yaris iA is very similar to the Mazda 2 and has a 106 hp with either automatic or manual options. Among most car experts’ top picks is Honda’s Fit, which comes highly recommended in the small cars category. It has a stylish design and neat interiors, with light steering. Its multi-configurable interior offers more space than its exterior would imply.

So what are you waiting for? Here are some of USA’s best cars for 2017. Make a list of what you are looking for in your affordable small car and contact your car dealership today.

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