Top-rated convertible cars of 2018

Top-rated convertible cars of 2018

Convertible cars, or convertibles, are cars where the owner can open the hood. The collapsible roof can be hard top or of canvas or vinyl. Some options can be collapsed manually while other options open at the press of a button.

It is a luxury to open the top and drive a convertible on an empty stretch of road under different weather conditions. Within the convertible category, there are several types of body styles like small, mid-sized, big-sized, and luxury.

Here are some of the top choices when it comes to new convertible cars in 2018.

  • 2018 FIAT® 124 Spider Convertible: This new convertible car ranks first in popularity. Its central attribute is its lively and agile handling. Operating the convertible top is easy. However, the cabin of this car is cramped, and it has limited cargo space. Tall people may find it difficult to sit comfortably due to the limited head space when the roof closed. Its price ranges between $24,995 to $28,295 approximately.
  • MINI Cooper Convertible: This is a moderately priced vehicle that belongs to the small car segment. All the three different engine options available blend thrill, speed, and mileage beautifully. With its excellent handling, customers are sure to have fun while driving on empty roads with many turns and twists. It has a classy and elegant cabin interior which can be personalized further with the available add-ons. The price range of this new convertible car is somewhere between $26,700 to $36,600 approximately. This vehicle is considered to be a top-rated convertible car.
  • The 2018 Mazda MX-5-Miata RF: It is a mid-size convertible car that costs $33,825 to $61,910 approximately. The designers of this vehicle have not made any compromises while adding fun elements to this soft top car. The MX-5 draws inspiration from the concept of a classic sports car with a lightweight and small size. Drivers report that this car feels like an extension of themselves during long drives.
  • 2018 Mercedes-Benz SL Class: This is a new range of luxury convertible cars. Its main attributes are effortless acceleration, refined and opulent interiors, excellent handling and comfort. The main benefit is that the folding top does not occupy a lot of cargo space. The V8 engines provide an enormous amount of power. Despite the sporty features of this vehicle, the cabin remains silent and calm. The price range of this vehicle is between $88,200 to $222,000 approximately.
  • 2018 Porsche 911: This luxury convertible car is known for its performance and luxurious interiors. Outstanding performance, exceptional driving pleasure, a transmission that sets a benchmark, interiors that offer plenty of customization characterize this car. Few vehicles can match its varied qualities. The price tag ranges from $103,400 to $203,000 approximately.

While we have tried to cover most of the top-rated new convertible cars of 2018, this is, by no means, a comprehensive list.

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