Top used semi trucks you should get your hands on

Top used semi trucks you should get your hands on

Trucks of all kinds have always been a favorite for decades, be it a vintage truck or a modern cabin. Semi trucks are another version of this brilliant category of heavy-duty vehicles. The very conventional cab design of semi trucks in the country makes it completely a different scenario altogether. Also, you would find both new and used semi trucks owned by people who driven these big rigs for many years. Since both new and used trucks are equally economical and come with powertrain and fuel efficiency features, you can choose from a wide range used semi trucks for sale.

This popular mechanical invention is a rave in the country with over more than 1,900,000 semi trucks registered. So, in case you want to buy a used semi truck for sale, following are some of the best of the lot that you may consider:

  • Freightliner
    This brand is the top-selling and most popular semi truck brand in the country, making a mark of more than 40 percent of market share. The 2007 model is the super semi truck that gives you 12mpg and has very ultra-conventional aerodynamic style. Also, you can own one at a very reasonable price as compared to other competitors.
  • Kenworth
    The T680 is a combination of cutting-edge technology and design that one needs. Powered with PACCAR powertrain, this is worth the buy.
  • Peterbilt
    The 379 model is just the one you need it for its very striking silhouette and performance capabilities. This is worth the money as it is easy to maintain and you can find replacement parts in no time. The 359 model is one of the best sellers in the semi truck market.
  • International Trucks
    The LoneStar model is the one if you looking for a special edition.
  • Volvo
    The VNL 740 and 860 are the flagship models that you can consider for its high reliability and safety ratings.
  • Mack
    This is the toughest vehicle yet, drivers still love it. At present, Mack is owned by Volvo.
  • Hino
    The Hino 338 2007, 2009, and 2011 models are your best choices.

No matter which big giant you choose, ensure that the used model is well maintained and meets your business needs. The market is flooded with tons of used semi trucks, but you need to do a basic due diligence before investing in such a big rig, including the following:

  • Get hold of maintenance records.
  • Oil inspection.
  • Repairs and replacement history.
  • Tires maintenance.
  • Checking the overall suspension, wiring, transmission and drive train.
  • Problems in the past and how it was solved.
  • Engine know how is a must.
  • Doors and window inspection to understand the overall aerodynamics capability and temperature controls.
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