Understanding pre approved loans

Understanding pre approved loans

Pre-approved loans are loans given by financial institutions that think you are a good candidate for a loan; however, prequalification does not mean the loan is approved. Most banks and credit unions will help you get a pre-approved loan. These you can get for new as well as used cars. Some even offer loan finance.

You can ask for an auto draft when purchasing the vehicle from the auto dealer. Here are some things to keep in mind when getting the best car loan.

Shop around, research online for the car before you go to a dealer. Compare interest rates of various banks and loan companies to get the best loan you can find. Your credit score is the most important factor which will also dictate what interest rate you can get. Excellent credit score gets a better rate. Bad credit will mean lousy rates.

Look for a short-term loan as it will result in you paying less. You will probably get a better rate of interest if you are buying a new car. Average interest rate of used cars is higher than that of new cars.

Don’t pay extra for a lot of things they offer you. These extras are for extended warranties, upgrades security system, rust-proofing, and fabric protection. Taking add-ons does not make sense.

Take discounts in interest-rates if you take automatic payments and bill online. You get a discount if you already bank with them or purchase a particular car.

Go for 0% interest rate if it is being offered by the bank and credit unions. Mostly, it will be offered at the dealership by the manufacturer’s lender. If your credit score is good you might just get it. Pre-approval for the best auto loan will allow you to negotiate the price with the seller. For a pre-approved loan keep your personal identification ready with your recent financial information.

Research the car model and the price. You could also trade an older car as it will help you to estimate your budget. Pre-approvals give you a chance to shop for loans without harming your credit history. You can also check with the peer-to-peer lenders; it is an option for those with low credit scores. This does not affect the consumer’s credit score.

You can get a pre-approved loan without a credit history. This is possible by opening a bank account, save for the down payment, get a cosigner, ask about bank loans, ask car dealers and make the payments on time.

The best banks for the loans are Lightstream, but they are picky about their customers. Bank of America gives all types of car loans even for those brought from private sellers and lease buy out. Auto Credit Express gives loans to those with bad credit. Capital One is a household name and they do take on customers with less than stellar credit.

Shop around for an auto loan that has the least rate of interest before purchasing a car. It will put you, as the buyer, in a position of negotiation and help you save money on the loan.

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