What are the 10 best used cars you can own

What are the 10 best used cars you can own

Whether you are a student or a working professional, a new car is probably out of your budget. In such cases, you should start looking for used cars. While buying a used car, you should look at numerous factors such as the purchase price of the car, the current market price of the car, fuel economy, maintenance and repairs and depreciation value of the car. Here are 10 best used car categories that are quite popular among consumers when it comes to buying used cars.

Trucks: Trucks, also known as crew cabs, are quite reliable and durable when it comes to safety and performance. If you are someone whose job involves moving a lot of things around, buying a used truck would be suitable for you.

Sedans: Sedans are quite a popular choice among used car buyers. Their USPs include ease of driving, affordability and simplicity of maintenance. They are classy in appearance and are comfortable.

SUVs: Most people, whose budget is quite tight, balk at the price of SUVS. However, if you look at the used car options, you will know that SUVs are affordable. Reliable and versatile, SUVs give you good value for money.

Wagons: We are not talking about the out-of-trend station wagons, but the new-age wagons that are somewhere a cross between SUVs and crew cabs. Wagons are cheaper alternatives to SUVS.

Minivans: With ample space, minivans are great for easy hauling of cargo as well as people. Used minivans are quite popular among college and school-bands who need to move a lot of equipment and band members.

Hybrid cars: With their good fuel efficiency and driving quality, hybrid cars are a mix of gasoline-driven cars and electric cars. If you are looking to buy a used hybrid car, pay close attention to the service history of the car.

Convertibles: Convertibles are no longer just a part of the glitzy glamorous crowd. With the option of buying used convertibles, this category of cars has become quite affordable. Convertibles are dependable and easy to drive.

Crossovers: A combination of SUVs and hatchbacks, crossovers are a great bargain when it comes to buying used cars. They combine utility and off-the-road capability.

Compact Cars: Compact cars are great if you are looking for something sporty yet small. They are quite practical in terms of passenger comfort and boot space.

Coupes: If you are looking for something fashionable and stylish, buying a coupe would be a good option for you. However, they are not very practical when it comes to space, but are great for two passenger-trips.

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