What are the benefits of getting a certified pre-owned luxury car

What are the benefits of getting a certified pre-owned luxury car

You might have decided for a fact that a luxury car is in your near future. However, you are not quite ready to pay the big bucks that would be needed to pay for your dream car, so you have decided to purchase a used version of a luxury car. However, you also want some of the perks that come with owning a new car or a car purchased from a dealership. So, instead of going in for a private sale through a personal seller, you may have decided to conduct the transaction through a dealership that offers certified pre-owned luxury cars. And of course, you will be able to get financing options and perks that a private sale cannot offer. A lot of dealerships offer excellent terms and conditions as well as finance options on their certified pre-owned vehicles, and you will be able to get a good deal with competitive terms on your luxury car purchase. Plus, you can expect a superior customer service experience when you are in the market for a luxury, high-end vehicle, which is sure to amp up and enhance your buying experience.

It is important that you go in for a certified pre-owned dealership that is the official dealer for the manufacturer of the car you are looking to purchase. And why is that? Because it is only when you are dealing with and going through the licensed dealer for that particular car make, you will be able to avail yourself of the perks that come with a certified pre-owned purchase. Such as, extended limited warranty (which, in the case of high end luxury vehicles often has no mileage restrictions, and can go from a year and get extended for up to two more years, making for a total warranty of three years), bumper to bumper warranty, and/or power-train warranty on the vehicle. Then you get roadside assistance twenty four hours a day, in the event of car problems, and of course, perhaps the most important factor – the car has met the manufacturer issued guidelines for age, mileage, and has passed and complies with the rigorous multi point inspection that checks different parts and pieces of the car to make sure that it is in almost as good as new condition, mimicking a fresh from the factory floor piece, with the obvious exception of having some mileage already on the odometer.

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