What you need to know about short term car insurance

What you need to know about short term car insurance

What is short term car insurance, and why would one want it? Well, short term car insurance refers to temporary insurance for your car and may be useful for a number of reasons. Short term car insurance offers full, comprehensive coverage for a car and covers anyone who drives the vehicle. This is great when you’re lending your car to a friend or visitor who is not listed on your car insurance policy. Short term car insurance also works for you when you’re the one borrowing or driving someone else’s vehicle and want to cover all angles. It affords peace of mind in these situations since it will cover liability in the case of an accident while driving a borrowed vehicle. This is especially useful when traveling, be it out of state out of the country.

Short term car insurance can be for as short a time as one day, and extend for a period of twenty-eight days. So, you could even use it for a single day or event, say when a young member of the family is taking their driver’s test, or you are moving and borrowing someone’s truck, or maybe heading for a vacation in a borrowed RV. Learner drivers, young drivers under 21 who find it exorbitant to get car insurance, and classic car owners or drivers who only take the vehicle out once in a way for a rally or special event, are all perfect candidates to avail of short-term car insurance.

And more often than not, short-term car insurance also covers breakdowns. So, what are some things you should know about getting short term car insurance? For one, it will not affect the no-claim policy on the main insurance associated with the car – a big relief especially when it’s your car that is being driven by another! You can get the coverage instantly, as soon as you purchase, with no waiting period, which works especially well in situations where there is an immediate need or emergency. It would also be advantageous to someone who doesn’t have the money or ability to put up the funds, upfront, for an annual car insurance policy. While you can get insured the moment you buy it, with a short-term car insurance policy, it can also be purchased up to thirty days in advance, which helps when you’re on a planned business or leisure trip and want to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

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